Dec 16, 2013
Hello everyone. I'm Bub......

Oh you expect me to say more.. well fine you demanding people.

       So my Minecraft username and forum username are Bubblesbobjoe. I'm in the Eighth Grade and I'm 13, but I'm going to be 14 in less than half a week. Although my Minecraft name is Bubblesbobjoe, you can shorten it. It is a very long name isn't it... Most people call me Bub or Bubbles. Most people on Nanoblock call me Joe. And then there is @UU_Valkyre_UU who calls me Bob. All of those work fine. So, more about me. I joined Craftblock about one year and a half ago in December 2012 around Christmas. When @thags2000 and I were introduced to Craftblock's Tekkit server (I know thags irl) by @Flamingos (who we met on a different server), we began to enjoy it and play on it often. I never understood the ranking system on Craftblock, so I was an Visitor rank on Craftblock Tekkit for a very long time. I've been around Craftblock Tekkit when it switched from Tekkit to Tekkit Classic, then Tekkit Lite, then to FTB, then to Tekkit Main, then to Big Dig, and then to the current custom modpack. Although I've been around for a while on whats currently Nanoblock, I'm on Scientist rank on there. Oh well, better than Mechanic right?
       In early February 2013, I learned about Craftblock Main. I joined it, enjoyed it, and built a town called Terminus, which lasted a long time and prospered. I persuaded @thags2000 to come on, and he prospered as you may know, and I also persuaded elainepg and creeperking207, two of my good IRL friends, to join me and my town. Elainepg did not understand much about SMP servers, so he rarely plays and hasn't even made a forum account while creeperking207 invited YoloAmigo97, another IRL friend, to join us. Creeperking207 was later banned for griefing, but he mostly played Singleplayer and didn't understand what griefing was. He was later unbanned, but doesn't play much anyways. While on both server, I made great friends with people such as @pokemon99990. It wasn't until April 2013 when I understood ranking, so I became Trusted (a rank that is now Citizen) around June and never achieved my goal of becoming Citizen (Which is now Trusted). I donated for Diamond, and later became Royal, my current rank. Over the summer I was also able to get a few more friends to join, including Fasterthanthesun. Nothing much happened from Summer 2013 leading to the server restart, and after the restart, I loss interest in Minecraft. From January 2014 until Mid-March 2014, I did not come on any Craftblock servers.
      Thags, who had become an Ambassador while I was gone, told me about the whole new Pixelmon server. I joined and became addicted. I then came back to Craftblock, gaining interest in Nanoblock and Pokeblock, and recently, Ive returned to Craftblock Main.


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Dec 16, 2013
Michigan, USA
Welcome back, Bob! :D Good to know a little about the history of your CraftBlock experience. Interesting. :)

I also heard that you guys in Terminus are cannibals. :p

See you around!

Have Fun & Be Excellent! :D


issa lking
Dec 16, 2013
Cannibals?! Where can I join in on the fun - er, I mean welcome bub. Yeah, totally meant that.

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