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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:Bootynips
Temporary or Permanent:Temp 3 days
Incident:Ive been observing him, His mining is irradict,  all over the place. He says he brought mc 5 days ago. He claims he doesnt know what xray is that he uses he uses digimap to find the nodes. Whatever he calles it he mines straight to diamonds. He shows all the obvious signs of a hacker.  He has full diamond armour and Ive taken a stack of diamonds off him from when I first kicked him for xraying.

I hadnt posted the warning a the computer I was on needed to cool down(laptop).  So booty has been kicked before with a warning.  This time hes been temp banned 3 days. Should he continue to use this mode he is using to find diamonds -its cheating. He will be banned permanently.

Previous Actions:Kicked and warned form me earlier today.
You dont see it but he digs down to diamond ore
Other Notes:
This is what I recieved later
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