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Bi-Weekly Competition #10: Colors!

Discussion in 'Bi-Weekly Build Competition' started by NintendoFrosty, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. NintendoFrosty

    NintendoFrosty The Frosty Musician
    Owner CB Admin

    Jul 26, 2014
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    Bi-Weekly Theme #10: "Colors"

    This competition's theme is once again quite broad. With the new Minecraft 1.12 Color Update, it was decided to give you all a chance to creatively use these new blocks! This will be a free build of sorts, the only requirement being that your build somehow incorporates interesting colors!

    Ideas & Inspiration.
    Get Started
    • Get Started: Start by logging into CraftBlock and doing /wbc in chat.You'll be transferred to the Build Competition server. Afterwards, be sure to enter /spawn.
    • Find a plot you can build on.
    • We don't protect our plots to make this easier for the players. In-case a build does get griefed, we have anti-griefing tools in place.
    • You have two weeks, until June 30th to submit your build.
    • Submit Your Build: When finished, submit the build by clicking on the top banner of this thread, or clicking here: http://craftblock.me/forum/weekly-build-submissions/. Make sure to read the sticky thread for the template.
    • Suggest themes! http://craftblock.me/threads/suggest-weekly-build-themes-here.12777/
    Winner of Competition #9- "Redstone"

    Congratulations to zom999_playz and DeltaBeetle! Their temple was very nice, andincredibly interesting; with their video they made also being well done as a way to present it. Check out their project here!

    Final Thoughts

    Finally, I wanted to say thank you all for the previous competition. There were generally minimal problems in following the special rules, with very little lag actually coming to the server because of all the redstone. That competition did have me a little worried when I first made it, but since it went relatively smoothly, it's something I know can be a possible theme again in the future.

    Thank you all for your participation and support! :nyan:
  2. DeltaBeetle

    DeltaBeetle Well-Known Member
    CB Mod Crafter

    May 29, 2016
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    Eyy we won! I love the picture xD
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