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Dec 16, 2013
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Tory was texting me earlier and told me she was on Minechat. There was a guy who desperately needed help. After asking a few times, Tory asked what he needed, and others proceeded to help. There were no mods on, just her and Bestmanforthejob. She stated that best wasn't even talking and was just building. 

I also would like to discuss this. I never see Best helping, all I've ever seen him do is work on his dome. His job is to help, just as Tory, Sam, and Erin do. He hardly talks in chat except for the occasional greeting.

I don't want to sound like I'm tattling on him but Tory and I have been talking about this with each other for a little while. What do you guys think?


Dec 20, 2013
It says that they should be helpful to others, they've been chosen for the position, etc., it's all in the mod wiki, but I think we need to let him know that when someone needs help, they need help, they don't sit back and relax while they do what they please, he needs to help. I'd let him have a heads up saying that he needs to step it up and help others when they need help.


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Dec 16, 2013
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Ive seen best help people , but i ould be nice o see him more helpful. Another thing.

" She stated that best wasn't even talking and was just building. "

I didnt know you could see people building while on minechat. Thats because you cant. So I would say Tory was making an assumption he was working on his domes. This could posssibly be quite true, then again we dont know if he was even away from the keyboard, not everyone remembers all the time to /afk.

I'll have a word to him and send him a message. What do others think? Oh hes from Canada and be in that timezone thing.

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