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Dec 15, 2013

CraftBlock is a very complicated server, we have over a hundred plugins and a lot of options. Setting up a town isn't the easiest, and we have a ton of hidden features that no one really knows about. Our admin team is small and it's hard for us to take time to write these needed wikis ourselves.

By becoming a Wiki Contributor, you can help us help players learn their way around the server.

What you'll get:

  • Forums: Wiki Contributor Badge
  • Discord: Wiki Contributor Group
  • Server: Stacked Prefix: [✏]
  • For every approved wiki post, 1000 ingame tokens.
Get Contributor:
  • One Approved Wiki Post
  • To maintain the contributor badge, you'll have to at-least post two in one month, after two, you'll have to main at-least one wiki a month.
  • After five, we'll let you keep contributor for being awesome.


Finding a topic.
If you're interested in helping us and you want to write Wiki's, you'll have to first figure out what to write about. You can start out by viewing our Bounty Wiki list, it's a list of much needed content topics that we need on our Wiki. Eventually, we'll have rewards for bounty wikis.
If the bounty list doesn't have anything you're interested in, think about what you enjoy doing on the server. You can write about anything related to Minecraft or the server itself. Just make sure it's more focused on how a player can enjoy and learn about the server more.
The Wiki forum is a moderated forum, meaning new posts require approval. In the approval process, our staff make sure the wiki submissions follow some simple guidelines:

  • The content must be well written. Avoid grammar mistakes and misspellings.
    • It's on topic, it's clear what the wiki is about.
    • It's not a wall of text, it includes screenshots and has decent formatting.

  • Format your wiki! As you can see by this post, we use [bungee3] as the title formatting, and Times New Roman 15pt for the body text. If you need help with formatting, let us know.
  • The post editor has a lot of tools to make your submissions unique. Clicking on the three dotted icon gives you a bit more options, such as projects embeds, and quotes/code/inline code. The code and inline code is a great way to show of commands. Feel free to use custom fonts, font-sizes, and colors, as well as emojis/smilies! :hehe:
  • Make reading easier by making short paragraphs and use images as much as you can.
  • Try to crop images if they're big. If they're required to be big, use Spoilers option in the editor to toggle hide/show.
Anyone can submit a wiki under Player Wiki prefix, however only staff can use Official Prefixes, since these tend to be shown more importance on the server. If you make a damn good wiki post, we'll sticky it and slap it with a Official Wiki prefix.
The Wiki Drafts forum
The Wiki Drafts forum is a top secret place that no one knows about, where you can start your own wiki draft post. It's not moderated, and it's hidden from the forum new posts view, and doesn't add to your post count.
Because it's hidden from the new posts view, no one will get notified of any posts there. If you'd like staff to review your post (or have others discuss it with you), you'll have to link it.
Bounty Wikis
We need these wiki posts the most. Por favor?

  • Ranks & Commands (A Replacement)
  • How To Make CraftBucks$$$
  • Redstone
  • Slimefun
  • GriefPrevention
Any ideas of guides you'd like to see? Let us know!
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