Ban Appeal


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Jun 29, 2018
Minecraft Username: Laventryx
Your Ban report link: (Edited by Tazboi :D)
Server banned from: Choco (Vanilla)
Reason of ban: Inappropriate Build
Who banned you?: Waterflower_01 (Edited by Taz)
Why should you be unbanned?

To preface this I would like to point out that we play on Choco and had no access to /rules nor even knew of its existence since we joined into the hub when nobody was on..

So, me and my friends befriended EthoTheGreat, and we got into a prank war (consensual on both sides) where we built a semi-phallic object at his base.. He was fine with it and at the time we did not know it wasn't allowed since in Choco /rules is unacceptable and is not known in hub.. At the time we did not know about /main and had no interest in playing with plugin servers.. A few days later while I was building my mountain house Water_Flower got on and commanded Etho (Who did not build it and was thousands of blocks away in the nether) to destroy it.. we were all okay with it, albeit confused as to what we did wrong.. not even 4 minutes later she came back and was aggressive towards Etho for not destroying it.. even though he was incredibly far away on a server that /homes do not exist.. I told her that and asked what he even did wrong.. and she aggressively told me off for getting into her business to which I responded that Etho was my buddy and I was concerned as to why he was getting in trouble.. Soon after she stated, "its not destroyed yet" and threatened him. I explained to her along with my friends that he was super far away and couldn't immediately be there and her demands were too excessive. She took it personally and then I told Etho that she was being outrageous... the only time I directly insulted the person was after they left only saying that they were kinda being an ass.. Legitimately she ignored all logical reasons that we immediately meet her demands. Besides, what we did never hurt anyone and was not of urgent concern.. I know Choco has core protect.. and Etho got banned for "Inappropriate Builds" he did not even create! I only built a tiny portion of it as well, the whole situation seems unprofessional and there was no thorough investigation.. also I was never allowed a chance to explain myself instead she was aggressive, interrupting, and defensive. I totally admit that it was not okay to call her an ass.. however.. she also overstepped bounds, and disrespected the limited players who even play Choco.. I honestly assumed that this was okay as well given that someone named LeFurher plays.. and there is often much worse said in chat than one fallic build.

I was banned only after I said that I was planning on telling a higher up of how unprofessional the server climate was with the trial mod in question.. I am sad since I did love this server so far, built alot, and was planning on playing with my group of friends to bring some light and activity to Choco.. now that im banned for speaking out in a calm collected way against how my friend was talked to and by mods who didnt even use core protect to investigate.. Hopefully this can be resolved so I can get back to work on my stuff with my friends at x870 y60 z5600
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