Ban Appeal Beanzbarr


New Member
Oct 31, 2018
Minecraft Username: Beanzbarr
Your Ban report link:
Server banned from: Towny - Resource world
Reason of ban: Griefing
Who banned you?:VG_Echo
Why should you be unbanned?: I'm so sorry that this happened. This is really dumb, but I honestly thought this was some kind of dungeon related to the 1.13 ocean update (I'm not very familiar with it, I've been on a year break from Minecraft and just came back) and did not realize at all that it was someone's build. It was not claimed anywhere and so I figured it was a flying ship dungeon or something. Now I know, and it won't happen again. I would never intentionally grief someone's build. That was a really good build, props to the person who did it, I honestly thought it was part of the game.

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