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Jun 6, 2018
Hi, wasn't sure if i could do this here in ban appeal but anyways... :
Minecraft Username: _GangPlank
Your Ban report link:
Server banned from: Craftblocks
Reason of ban: giving away creative items
Who banned you?: WolfiePai
Why should you be unbanned?: Hm, thats a good question. Im not sure if i should get appealed, just wanted to make sure to get things into context. Im sinlge managing ,right now, a town and its pretty difficult because everybody needs u at all time. The mistake I made was that i wanted to make everything at the same time (Building my stuff, refilling the bank for the players to get ressources, and help players with advices on how to build their homes or just seeing what cool stuff they created) Yea i got warned because i was doing some builds with ppl and i gave creative items, but made very clear to the player that the matterials where only for that build and made them give the things that they didnt use (didnt have any problems with that). The items that i accidentaly gave where 64 monster egg stone bricks that i confused with 64 normal noncreative stone bricks i had and putted them to in the bank. Elementio, the player that took the 64 items, couldnt craft them into stairs so he called me to help, there wasnt mods in. Saw it and didnt know why it was, ( had no idea there were 2 types of stone bricks), so when waterflower_01 entered i ask her. There she saw that i gave creative and thats why i got the revoke.
Dont take this as an excuse just as a contextualisation.
Btw let u know that if made signs to make sure that if i confuse 2 bricks again (wich wont happen) nobody takes them unwillingly.
Would love to get creative back to keep making cool builds for my town players to see.
And if not made clear ,yes it was my fauld.
Thank u for reading this.


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Jun 20, 2015
Closing and denying appeal. You will get your creative back in 3 days. You can wait that time. Im very confused on how you can confuse 64 monster egg stone bricks with 64 noncreative normal stone bricks. It seems as if you put creative items into the bank which IS NOT ALLOWED. I hope you really aren't doing this. You were warned about using creative for survival players then got caught giving shulkerboxes not even an hour later. As a tip, don't even be in creative mode when helping survival players, prevents the temptation of using creative. Once again, your creative will be returned on the 13th.
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