Apologies to mono


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Mar 27, 2014
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     I have recently been banned at it is completely understandable. I griefed a railway that was found near underneath a town in my nation. I found sheep on a sub-railway of of this a ways away from where we found it. I thought of this as an opportunity to get sheep to a major area for wool. I took a chance and hoped that it was abandoned(which I shouldn't have done) and tried to transport the sheep back. The grief that was done was to replace other sections in the track that were broken(other small grief, station, connecting the sheep). I successfully transported the sheep to the end of the line, then realized they weren't worth the trouble. You will find that the griefed amount of rails were replaced somewhere else on the line. 
    Please understand that I am not trying to prove my innocence, i feel I completely deserved what I got, I am just trying to clarify some things up. Also apologies to MonochromePony for doing that.


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Dec 30, 2013
It's good to see that the human race still has hope, apologings was a good thing to do. Good on you :D


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Dec 16, 2013
Technically the sheep weren't on a sub railway, it was the derp ride of gallifrey bay, you also broke about three blocks on the main ride of gallifrey bay. There was only one person that took rails from the railway and that was you. Each railway was separate but connected at a railway hub that if you took the time to go up the stairs of, lead to the old town of hyrillfrey, and nothing is ever abandoned, the player may come back to that area and find it greifed and that won't end well for you.

But off the topic of correcting you, thank you for apologizing, most people wouldn't have and it makes me glad that it was only a week (even though it really warranted a perm ban) and narbular gave you a second chance.

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