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Jun 3, 2018
Player Name: Viata

Current Rank: Elite

How long have you been on Craftblock: I've been on CB since 2017, on and off.Although, I've been more active recently (2018).

Why we should trust you with Ambassador: I truly believe that I am very mature and can that I handle situations well. I understand that ambassador isn't a staff role, but it's simply to help out others, and make staff's jobs easier when they are dealing with another situation. I will not take things lightly (people who are disrespectful), but I can also have a great personality and fun to hang with, I can be serious if I want to be, and I can also joke around and be friendly with other players.

Other Information: I love Craftblock, I can be on a few hours a day! On weekends I'm online a lot (all day). I'm pretty responsable, and mature. I love helping out people, whether it's drama, just building, letting people live with me, or anything I still love it! I usually play 2-4 hours a day on weekdays, and 5-12 hours on weekends, if I'm not busy that is! I'm from Canada so I don't have the same timezone as everyone.

To contact me, please contact me on my discord~~Ty!

Thank you all for everything!



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May 24, 2017
Having spoken to Viata on the server, and personally on Discord - I think she would be a great addition to the team. Viata is a very polite, mature and down-to-earth player. Viata, I've been online much lately, but I think you maybe ask people if they want any help a bit more, and introduce new players to our server.

If you brushed up on those things, then I would consider you a great candidate.

Shizz Approved
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Aug 15, 2017
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I have managed to talk to Viata on discord and in game, she has been an amazing player, and have kept others happy by playing with them, building with them and constantly helps people out. What shizzscott said, I think you could welcome players and ask if people need help^^ but you've done great to show yourself. Meeting you was great, and I just know others will think that way, especially if you represent :3

goodluck on your application, and I wish you the best.
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