Aira's intro.....Finally


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Jan 27, 2017
User name: Aira4

Introduction Title: Aira's intro.....Finally

In-game name?: Aira4

Ranks?: Admin

When did you join CraftBlock?: Good question, early 2014 I believe

Favorite Player?: Cybes and Rebellious_Tiger. There are others but those two take the top.

Favorite staff?: Urch, Echo, Tay, and Vex...and I guess now Elmo lol

Favorite block & why?: Can I call an armour stand a block if i want to?....Probably not sadly then it i probably I need to say the new blocks of stripped woods as they make for great ceiling and floor pieces.

Other Favorite Games World of Warcraft, Over much BedWars.

Favorite character of your favorite game and why?: Sombra, because I can ninja sneak up on Cybes and kill him when his health is low.

Pet Peeves: People throwing pity parties constantly, and people blowing things way out of proportion all the time. There's more but having a hard time thinking of them right now.

Favorite Animals & Why?: In game I love the tropical fish and baby turtles, IRL Wolves, best creatures from their loyalty to their packs to their team work while working together to survive. That and they are just so beautiful.

Hobbies/Job?: Used to draw a lot when the inspiration hit, as well as cooking, at one time I did square dance. As for job right now I am a full time single parent to a wonderful little monster who if your in a voice chat with me is often causing trouble in the background or even participating in the chat.

What else would you like to tell us?:<br><br> Other things? Well just come to the CraftBlock Discord voice chats and find out, more fun that way.

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