Aero ban appeal

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Jan 2, 2018
Minecraft Username: BrotherToTheWind and Oxdriver
Your Ban report link:
Server banned from: Aeroblock
Reason of ban: AFK mining
Who banned you?: iessjca
Why should you be unbanned?:

Well, here it is. Yup, i did AFK mine, and there's not a bullshit excuse for doing so. it was all caused by an oversight on my end. I just didn't read the rules of aero.

You see, my only prior experience playing on a skyblock server was with REDACTED, who allows afk'ing generators as they have a very similar layout i just sorta assumed (makes a ass out of you and me right?) that aero had the same rules regarding this. That was my mistake.

I automined using a minecraft exploit/glitch where setting destroy to a hotkey rather than left mouse click allowed you to use f11 to exit one game and start another while the first was still mining, then wedged a water bottle on the mouse for the second account that allowed me to use two grinders at once. However I will defend myself by saying this: This IS in fact the first occasion of me doing this, if you will check the logs for both the brothertothewind and oxdriver accounts you will find that I played a significant amount of time without that account online. The reason for this is all prior time spent grinding was done by either A) Me grinding while at the keyboard alone, or by my brother hunter when he was available to do it for me while i completed other island tasks (such as the cactus farm, called a fine ore tower in the report). Today however he was unavailable about halfway through my gaming time due to a job interview and I decided to afk both accounts while I went to have a smoke and work on my truck. two birds one stone right? You can check the validity of this using core inspector, and you will see that the second generator was only built hours before my writing this. I can also provide pictures of my brother and his PC using the oxdriver account if it will help in coming to a decision. yes, me and him share a trailer and as such have the same IP. also, the oxdriver account was originally mine but was given to him a few weeks ago. I just would feel horrible of my hours of real grinding were lost due to this oversight on my part so i propose this as a solution: Instead of a permanent ban, all the materials obtained from my time while AFK'ing (in the collection chests under the generators) be taken, along with the half of my player balance but my material tower be left alone. I will make sure to thoroughly review the rules of aero to ensure a confusion like this doesn't happen again, and I will make sure both of us are reasonably active in chat to show no AFK is being used.

Also, while we're on the topic of unbanning, is it possible to have someone take a look at my chat ban on main? I still stand firmly by the fact that I do not use hacks of any nature, but do push the boundaries of what is acceptable through glitching and in game exploits so when drybones confronted me about hacking and refused to even consider my side after going so far as to provide a livestream of my game play, a review of my versions folder, recycle bin, etc. I did blow up, and I do apologize for that. I was tired, I was pissy, and the last few months have been an uphill struggle trying to kick a 2 pack a day habit which really has me on my ear some days.

Again, apologies all around and I hope we are able to move past these issues so I can continue to take part in this wonderful community.
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May 24, 2017
The guy has admitted it, apologised and just wants back on the server. I do feel like he is sincerely sorry as with the length of this report and as it is his first incident on aero. People make mistakes all the time, so maybe we should give him another chance to play on that server.


Oct 14, 2016
restart his island and let him back on aero. Its a fair punishment for not reading the rules.


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Jun 20, 2015
Brother, we are reducing your Aero ban to 2 weeks and lifting your mute on main.

TO MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR, there is none of the following allowed and do NOT argue about it with staff members either:
  • Xraying
  • Mods that foster unfair gameplay
  • Auto farming
  • Auto clicking
  • Propping physical objects on mouse
  • etc
Please do not cause any more trouble or a more permanent punishment may occur.
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