Important A new creative server


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Dec 15, 2013
ForgeBlock, a creative server that has a unique personality.

That’s what I’d like to call it. The idea of this server is many of my creative-esque ideas I’ve had over the past few years built into one big idea.

If you were here for the past two years, you’ll remember Forge - a creative team of builders that I’ve put together to help build things. While this team was on going, it built two successful and huge projects, the first was a beautiful Factions server that has been laid to rest until we have Factions again, and CraftBlock’s spawn.

The team isn’t around anymore, for now, but the work they’ve done will never be forgotten. The idea is one of the big factors of this new server.

The next idea, is from our current server, Weekly Build Competitions. Started out as a super fun creative competitions server, but hasn’t really aged well. Low turnout, and it’s also hard to manage. With a small admin team, it’s hard to find dedication to keep this server going.

Let’s say we took those those ideas, put it together, and add a bit of love to it, what would we get? Meet ForgeBlock.

So what is ForgeBlock?

ForgeBlock is a creative server, where anyone can join, but you must apply to build, and you can only build in project sectors. These project sectors are built by higher-active members who lead that project.

You apply to build in those project sectors. So for example, you can apply to build in ChiTown, a fantastic made-up city built by me, so you’d go to the forums and make an application to apply in ChiTown, and then the leader of that project (me) would approve you. You’ll gain access to that project and project alone, unless you apply to another project. You can build in multiple sectors as long as you have the permission to do so.

Those leaders that have approve you also have the responsibility to promote you to your next rank if you’re found to contribute enough to the project.

Ranks are an important part of the server, at-first you’ll have limited tools you can use to build, a very limited access of blocks. You’ll have /fly, but not creative. You can only get that by the leader that approved you.

Once you’re approved, you’ll get creative and you can start helping projects more.

The more you build, the more of your stats are built up. When you meet stat guidelines, let’s say, a strict amount of blocks and other goals, you’ll be able to rank up to a higher tier rank.

That higher tier rank allows you to have more tools for you to build, such as WorldEdit & Voxel.

At the same time, you can also apply for a even higher tier, which is pretty much allows you to have tools to start your own projects, such as WorldGuard to protect as much land as you like, holographic displays, titles management for regions when you access-exit areas and more.

Leaders will have to follow some guidelines though, and we’ll have to set out some rules so it’s still attractive to play on CB, for example, you can only set up themed projects. At the spawn, we’ll have a board of all of the projects being built, but if we see that your project is just random different build styles, allover the place, we’ll remove it from the board and demote you as a leader. We’ll give you access to continue building in that project, but you won’t be able to build any new future projects. So your build must have some kind lore to it.

So that’s a very long introduction to the server. Here’s a bit more facts.

  • Everything will be built in one world.
  • We’ll close down the Competitions server when this server opens.
  • All current designers may have a higher tier rank, past forge members are able to be leaders.
  • Those who support this server now will get leader access when it’s opened, but it won’t be an option when it’ releases.
  • @king_leoni will be my support admin.
  • "We need to focus on CB!!!!!". Please don't say such an obvious answer, if all we did was focus on CB, we wouldn't be able to enjoy our selves or have servers like games or choco. CB will never be neglected, and saying such things is ignorant.
  • Release date: Early-Mid 2018.

We'll let you know more about this server as soon as we start development!