2nd one today


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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
Another player tp'ed to his home in the old world Whammy43.

This is after avox did a restart  on the server.

So it appears they can still go back to their old homes.  It confused me a little as I thought access to old map was denied.  And seeing people were still able to access the Old map i thought maybe owners decided to open it again for people to move their builds.  But it appears this is not the case. Anyways I let the players know they cant live there or build.


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Dec 15, 2013
All these worlds were fine before the update. Something changed during the move but I don't know what or why.

I need the world "world" removed, the world "world_the_end" removed, and the world "spawn_the_end" added back.

I've tried to do it with multiverse commands. I can load spawn_the_end but it unloads after every restart. I can't unload any worlds via multiverse - "error trying to remove world from config."

I've edited the world.yml and got rid of "world", reloaded multiverse and it's still there. I'll check tomorrow if it's gone once the server restarts; don't want to do it now as there's 40 players online.

If it's still broken, I'll need to have another look at the config files when I have more time.


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