Important 1.13 Plans


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Dec 15, 2013
Dinnerbone on Twitter has said that the expected release date for 1.13 is Wednesday, the 13th.

This is a large update, specially for servers as block and items changed, where you won't be able to reference the ID of that block anymore. For example, stone is id of 1 and Oak Wood is the id of 17. This is huge because a lot of plugins rely on block ids. They shouldn't, but some do, and I think we have a few big plugins that do as well.

So, updating the server may take a few more weeks after the release, while we wait for our plugins to update.

We'll still be online, but on 1.12.2

However, while we' wait to officially support 1.13, we will have a vanilla server for everyone to play on. This will be a separate server with a different ip address you'd have to connect too. We'll announce that when we have it ready.

So, yeah, that's it. If you're wondering about what's new in 1.13, check out the wiki:

By the way, sorry for the lack of forum updates. It's been a busy few months with the server reset and all. I wanted to make a server reset thread, but only when everything was running smooth. I'll try later this week to make that happen.


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