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    CraftGames CraftGames Update #13: So Many Changes

    Hiya everyone! So it's been way too long since the last update. I've constantly been working on stuff, but haven't really written it down to be on record, until now. So for those of you that are curious about all the changes, here we go! ~New Games!~ So, over the past months, there have been...
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    Amby app

    A bit late, but I vouch as well ^^ Helpful when on the server and very friendly. Good Luck~
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    Build Competition #11: Vote for your Winner!

    Build Competition #11: Culture Submissions! Zom999's Brazilian Favela! Submission: A Brazilian Favela, deep in the heart of poverty, there is always room for celebration, and a flowerpot! Behold the lights! And no one can afford to buy a McDonalds... (not my build :D) Check out their post...
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    Bi-Weekly Competition #11: Culture!

    Bi-Weekly Theme #11: "Culture" With the recent celebration of American culture in Independence Day, I thought it'd be fun to include other cultures in the latest competition, so here we are! For this competition, it'll be based around other culture's traditions, architecture, and much more...
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    Build Competition #10: Vote for your winner!

    Build Competition #10: Colors Submissions! CreationDreams' Supposedly Big Flowers! Submission: Hello o/ This is my first build for the WBC on this server so I hope you enjoy! Anyways, my build (with an amazing title) is of a small fairy holding a daisy while surrounded by flowers. I'm not...
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    Player Wiki Vehicles Plugin Wiki

    Vehicles plugin fully updated, with new changes, vehicles and more!
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    Bi-Weekly Competition #10: Colors!

    Bi-Weekly Theme #10: "Colors" This competition's theme is once again quite broad. With the new Minecraft 1.12 Color Update, it was decided to give you all a chance to creatively use these new blocks! This will be a free build of sorts, the only requirement being that your build somehow...
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    Build Competition #9: Vote for your Winner!

    Showbiz's image on his posttoo? I literally just took the exact image url from his post and copied it here xD It works for me weirdly
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    Build Competition #9: Vote for your Winner!

    Build Competition #9: Redstone Submissions! showbizcube82002's Spiral Door! Submission: I made a 3x3 spiral door it was little challenging for me Check out their post here for more! Zom and Delta's Temple! Submission: A redstone temple of traps, made by zom999_playz and Deltabeetle...
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    Bi-Weekly Competition #9: Redstone!

    Bi-Weekly Theme #9: "Redstone" This competition's theme is a bit more of a niche, but with multiple requests from different people to do this theme, I decided to go with it: Redstone! Although before getting too excited, be sure to read the rules about this competition at the bottom of this...
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    Build Competition #8: Vote for your Winner!

    Build Competition #8: Free Build Submissions! MythicalWoof's Mansion! Submission: A mansion I built. Took me 2-3 hours lol Check out their post here for more! Aira4's Curling Club Submission: so i really enjoyed this build. I couldn't think of what to build at first, so i got to...
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    AncientDragonFly's application

    Ok, looks good! (With the poll not really being needed, but that's fine :P) Anyways, congrats on Merchant!
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    My Merchant Application

    Looks great! Congrats on Merchant!
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    Merchant please dad

    Alright, looks good! Congrats on Merchant!
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    Bradleybeast234 for colonist

    Alright, looks good! I like the 2 houses, and I can see that farm there as well, which would count as a 3rd project you worked on. With that, congrats on Colonist!