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CraftBlock is a Minecraft Network which has several PC survival servers, such as Towny, SkyBlock, Vanilla, and Creative. Each server has it's own special features, where you can build minecraft houses in towns, start and expand sky islands with jobs and slimefun, and build in creative mode on our creative plot server.

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Our Minecraft Servers

Towny & Survival

Our Towny Server, which is also called CraftBlock, is a unique survival server, that offers a lot more. With over 100 plugins, 8 ranks, various ways to claim plots, own towns, nations, building kits, an economy, player shops, and more, it's probably one of the best Towny servers you'll ever play on. When you start, you'll be placed in a short but beneficial tutorial spawn, there you just walk out, finish reading the information we have work your way to the Newbie Super OP Shop. After that's all done, you can finally get started.

SkyBlock & Slimefun

Aero is a typical SkyBlock survival server, but with a ton of unique content that makes it fun to play on, and our communities #1 favorite server. Once you join the spawn, you have to enter one simple command and your island is created. From there, you gather resources, work on your various skills, such as mining, chopping, and farming, until your island grows until it's the top island of the server.


While playing on our servers with a dozen plugins is fun, sometimes you want to get away from the noise and just play Minecraft how it was designed. On Choco, you can enjoy playing only survival, without any plugins that ruins Vanilla gameplay.


Right now, you just join the server and enter /plot auto, and it'll give you a very large plot to build in. You get creative and you can vote to get world-edit commands. In the future, we'll have a rank system and more features for a unique creative server. For now, it's simple and enjoyable.

Latest News

Important Shutting Down WBC & Starting ForgeBlock - A New Creative Server

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Our Bi-Weekly Build Competitions server has served us well. It's been fun watching people attend competitions and watch them explore their creativeness in every theme we've set out.

But today, we're going to turn to a new chapter and try our hands at building an actual creative server. With WBC shutting down, we'll be able to focus on starting a new project - - ForgeBlock.

ForgeBlock will have its own unique system. It's not going to be a normal creative server, where you can just join it and build in creative. While that will be possible, the main focus on the server will be about players working together on projects, and a rank system that promotes workers & leaders.

Leaders can create projects, and workers are those who help build. A productive worker, in the eyes of a leader can be promoted, and if they work hard enough can become a leader to work on their own projects. In between getting promoted to workers, and leaders, is a auto-ranking system. The more you contribute to...

Important A new creative server

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ForgeBlock, a creative server that has a unique personality.

That’s what I’d like to call it. The idea of this server is many of my creative-esque ideas I’ve had over the past few years built into one big idea.

If you were here for the past two years, you’ll remember Forge - a creative team of builders that I’ve put together to help build things. While this team was on going, it built two successful and huge projects, the first was a beautiful Factions server that has been laid to rest until we have Factions again, and CraftBlock’s spawn.

The team isn’t around anymore, for now, but the work they’ve done will never be forgotten. The idea is one of the big factors of this new server.

The next idea, is from our current server, Weekly Build Competitions. Started out as a super fun creative competitions server, but hasn’t really aged well. Low turnout, and it’s also hard to manage. With a small admin team, it’s hard to find dedication to keep this server going.

Let’s say we took...