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CraftBlock is a Minecraft Network which has several PC survival servers, such as Towny, SkyBlock, Vanilla, and Creative. Each server has it's own special features, where you can build minecraft houses in towns, start and expand sky islands with jobs and slimefun, and build in creative mode on our creative plot server.

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Our Minecraft Servers

Towny & Survival

Our Towny Server, which is also called CraftBlock, is a unique survival server, that offers a lot more. With over 100 plugins, 8 ranks, various ways to claim plots, own towns, nations, building kits, an economy, player shops, and more, it's probably one of the best Towny servers you'll ever play on. When you start, you'll be placed in a short but beneficial tutorial spawn, there you just walk out, finish reading the information we have work your way to the Newbie Super OP Shop. After that's all done, you can finally get started.

SkyBlock & Slimefun

Aero is a typical SkyBlock survival server, but with a ton of unique content that makes it fun to play on, and our communities #1 favorite server. Once you join the spawn, you have to enter one simple command and your island is created. From there, you gather resources, work on your various skills, such as mining, chopping, and farming, until your island grows until it's the top island of the server.


While playing on our servers with a dozen plugins is fun, sometimes you want to get away from the noise and just play Minecraft how it was designed. On Choco, you can enjoy playing only survival, without any plugins that ruins Vanilla gameplay.


Right now, you just join the server and enter /plot auto, and it'll give you a very large plot to build in. You get creative and you can vote to get world-edit commands. In the future, we'll have a rank system and more features for a unique creative server. For now, it's simple and enjoyable.

Latest News

Important Changelog 10/22 - Fixes and Additions

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Welcome to the second Changelog post for keeping track of changes to the servers.

Hello again Crafters! I've gotten the opportunity to take the reigns for the Changelog this time around. If I had to say, this has been a pretty productive week, with quite a few changes over the servers. With that said, let's just jump right into what the changes are.

Server Changes:

Craft (Towny)

» Fixed:
  • PlayerShops
    Sadly for the old plugin that we used for player shops, it was yet to be updated. So in the meantime, we have added a ChestShop plugin!
    For more information on the new plugin, check out the wiki here!
  • /shop
    This had taken a bit of work to get working. Koa and I had done some work on converting block names before, but Matt had gotten the last changes...

Player Wiki SafariNet Wiki

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SafariNet Wiki

The re-introduction of catching mobs, SafariNet! With this, you will be able to use a custom Mob Catcher, and pocket mobs into your inventory; hostile mobs, your pets, etc. This plugin is even versatile in that it saves data such as a mob's name, a horse keeps it's saddle and armor, and more!

Single-Use SafariNets:
These SafariNets are the simplest ones to craft yourself; these can catch one mob, but then will disappear once you release the mob. Even in creative mode.
  • Crafting Recipe: An ender pearl, completely surround by string.

Reusable SafariNets:
These SafariNets are a little harder to craft, but will no longer disappear when you place a mob back into the world!
  • Crafting Recipe: An eye of ender surrounded by string.

Important Changelog 6/10 - Bug Fixes, Build Competitions, and more.

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Welcome to a new type of post we'll do when we make changes to the servers.

Hello Crafters! I'm trying out a new type of post for whenever we make changes. I been doing this for a bit on Trello, where I post an update and it sends to the #changelog channel Discord. Because not everyone can see that though, i'll try to leave my comfort zone (from spending seconds typing up a quick changelog) to actually posting on the forums.

These posts will usually be quick and straight to the point, with just a list of changes for each server that has happened in that day. But for the first one, I'll go ahead and explain some of the things that's been going on lately in the community, without trying to write a wall of text.

This is a long post, so I've cut the sections into spoilers. Click on a spoiler to read more.

CraftBlock's Health: 5/10

[Spoiler= »...

Weekly Build Competition #1: Halloween!

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*Special Event* Theme #1: "Halloween"

:bat:As the holiday of All Hallow's Eve approaches, the atmosphere slowly becomes dark, creepy, even spine-chilling at times...:bat:
And it's obviously one of the best times of year to just embrace the season and have fun! For this first build competition in a long while, we are giving you a whole month to just dive head first into this theme, and have fun with the ample amount of time! I shall be hosting these competitions for the foreseeable future, so I hope you all enjoy!

Ideas & Inspiration.

  • Quite a wide theme with this competition, with just so much to grab from! From your regular Halloween traditions, stories, movies, or even just scary places and ideas. You can't go wrong with a good Halloween build.​
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