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  1. Bloebls
    Created by Bloebls
    Oct 31, 2015
    Due to certain events a lot of the people who were in Utopia are unrightfully kicked. I cannot get a list of who is kicked, but if you have a plot in Utopia and you notice you are kicked, do put your name in the comments or tell me when you see me online. You'll get your old plot(s) back.

  2. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Oct 30, 2015
    Latest News & Announcements seems like such a dead forum nowadays, even though we always have a lot going on. I'd like to start a once of a month thing where I take the time, relax, and write up some updates for everything and talk/discuss with you guys.

    How will this work? My post will be a discussion of things, you guys can respond with questions, suggestions, issues, etc. It's really a post for you guys to talk to me, and the staff about anything. So let's get started.
    First and foremost, I'm hoping everyone is having a great Halloween and a good fall, and school is working out for you.

    In this post I'd like to lay out some goals I want to push for CraftBlock, what we're doing now and in the future. Some of these plans won't happen till new years, or could happen at any time. This is what we're working on to build CraftBlock into a better, amazing server and community.

    Feel free to suggest or discuss any of these topics!

    Spawn: Forge is currently working on a new spawn for us. Hopefully bringing better clarity and organization into how we set up our warps, shops, and other important server features.

    The current spawn has withered into being something that's been negative for us, especially when it comes to new players joining, The newbie spawn has just too much to read and as I have surveyed a lot of the new players throughout the year, a lot of them hated how long it took to get started. Our goal is to...
  3. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Oct 29, 2015

    Finally, you can change your username!

    • Located in your user settings.
    • You must have 15 forum posts to change your username.
    • You have to wait 30 days to change your username again.
    • Your username change has to be your Minecraft IGN.
    • You can view yours or anyone forum name changes on their profile.

    Thanks, enjoy.
  4. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Oct 28, 2015
    Hey Crafters!

    We had to upgrade our forum software and forum theme, while I was doing so I decided to update the theme itself and change some visual styles.

    The Front-page, which has been dead for a while now leads to a portal showing important recent posts. Future posts, that is, like this one.

    On the forums there were a lot of pages that had dark text on the dark background, which ruined the readability of the forum. I went ahead and fixed that by giving the content a background color. Some say "Oh god TOO MUCH WHITE", well, get use too it! Ha. You should be able too, at-least. The background image could be one problem with the glaring white but I'm going to change it too make it work with the content background more.

    Also, we have a footer with our tweet box back. I missed that feature, so hopefully we can start putting more effort in our social media again.

    Overall, the forum should be more readable! Enjoy.

    TODO: I have to re-add some things.

    • Bring back rank badges.
    • Add tabs.
    • ??? Am I missing something?