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  1. Hollybeth
    Created by Hollybeth
    Jan 3, 2016
    Announcing the winner for this month's winter build competition !
    I'd just like to start by thanking all you that took the time and effort to submit your builds as they were all fab and fitted the theme extremely well. However the number of people building it the comp world didn't correlate with the amount of submissions we had which is a shame as I've seen some great builds there that weren't entered. The winner will be getting getting a forum award , a colored nick name , their head on the wall of fame in the new spawn and two months of creative if they don't already have it !

    Congratulations to "Xomee" for winning this week's build competition !
    Congratulations to Xomee for winning this month's winter themed competition and make sure to say well done to her when you see her in game. She build an jaw dropping holiday wreath with a variety of cultures displayed in it which is lovely to show and it demonstrates the variety of cultures people are from on Craftblock and looks fantastic especially the santa.

    If you'd like to see more screenshots of Xomee's build be sure to check out this link http://craftblock.me/threads/4-holiday-wreath.13058/ .

    She'll be receiving an asterisk next to her name along with a coloured nick name which she'll...
  2. Hollybeth
    Created by Hollybeth
    Jan 1, 2016
    Craftblock's weekly builds Christmas edition #4

    For the festive month of December we decided it would be nice to theme our build comp around the festivities that take place around that time of year and allow you to create a Christmas themed town with creative to allow you to use a larger array of materials and to make things easier for survival players. Sadly this month we've only received six submissions despite allowing you all one months built time so next week lets hope we get as many of you participating as possible. Thank you to all that submitted your builds this month and they all look great so I look forward to announcing the winners.

    This month's candidates:
    - Amazing_boodles' Santa and Rudolph statues !

    -PkmntrainerKirt's log house !
    Submission Description:
    Ever wanted to live in a super fancy Log House? Well with this house, it doesn't really...
  3. NintendoFrosty
    Created by NintendoFrosty
    Dec 28, 2015
    :craftblock The CraftBlock Weekly:craftblock

    Issue #27: The Holidays!

    ~Written by Lunafan031 and NintendoFrosty

    Welcome! Happy Holidays to all of you! Whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas, or even just the upcoming New Years; whatever you are celebrating, we hope you are all enjoying this time of year! :D

    Latest News: New Plugin, and Reminders!

    Christmas Town Competition

    This is the last chance for those of you who have built in the competition! To be counted, you must submit your build here before December 31st! Don’t wait until the last minute! Submit now in order to be counted for the vote! Good luck everyone! :D

    Lasers and Capes :awesome:

    From our PVP server, Exotros, we bring over this lasers plugin! With it, different ranks can do some different things with them, such as killing mobs and mining. With this, capes were also added! If you wonder how to use these, and what your rank is able to do, check out this post!


  4. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Dec 24, 2015
    Regular Players:

    • You can use lasers as a mining tool. Here are the whitelisted blocks you can break with it.

    Supporter: Spartan+
    • Added Capes.
    • Code:
      /cape add {CapeName} (Adds a cape to the GUI if you are holding a banner)
      /cape remove {CapeName} (Removes the cape with the name you enter)
      /cape hand (Puts on a cape with the banner in hand)

    Supporter: Elite+
    • /laser: Give yourself the laser and some ammunition
    • /laserammo [Amount]: Give yourself only ammunition
    • GUI for capes. /capes

    That's all folks!

    Hey! While CraftBlock has PVP globally disabled, you CAN use lasers on our PVP server! Check it out!
  5. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Dec 22, 2015

    Ah the memories, 3 years ago. It was a lot of fun and still is!
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