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  1. Hollybeth
    Created by Hollybeth
    Jan 10, 2016
    Announcing the winner of build comp #5 !
    This week's theme has been "Futuristic" and we've had some out of this world builds this week (my attempt to be funny). This week we had four entries which was rather disappointing so if you're wondering why should I enter the build comps I'd like to mention that by entering you get to build in a creative flat world and if you win you receive a special asterisk by your name so that it's clear you have one a build comp and in addition to that you'll have your player head placed on a special wall of fame in our new spawn!

    Congratulations to "King_leoni" for winning this week's build comp !
    Congratulations to King_leoni for winner this week's competition with his fabulous futuristic house ! Make sure to give him a well done in game of if you're feeling particularly emotional maybe even a hug. I have to admit the domes on his build are fabulous and I love how he has used stained clay for grass but hey when did I become an expert on building? x3.

    If you'd like to see more of King's fabulous build make sure to click on this link http://craftblock.me/threads/futuristic-house.13226/ !

    He'll be receiving a special asterisk next to his name in game and a his head on the hall of fame when the new spawn is finished !

    The theme for...
  2. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Jan 9, 2016
    This is an idea for now, a concept - where I'll be trying to make happen in the upcoming weeks.

    Most of you know Exotros as a PVP server. Right now it's tied to a factions server that's hardly making it by.

    I actually bought the Exotros domain in 2014, the idea of it was to grow a more general gaming community. I didn't have time to make that idea happen then but I think since Exotros now has a nice set-up and I think with the amount of gamers here on CB and my other online friends, we can make the idea happen.

    So, what is my idea exactly?

    Well, the whole idea is based on being specific to a few online games and Teamspeak.
    • A Teamspeak for Exotros (and maybe later, Discord)
    • League, CS:GO and in the future Dota and other PVP games.
    The base of the Teamspeak is as follows;

    • A mature community for gamers.
    • A place to find other players to duo with
    • A place for tournaments and to win prizes.

    The Teamspeak will be organized with ranks, I've researched A LOT on TS game communities, I'm hoping to do this one better with everything I've learned.

    Also, the website:

    • Gamers who join the Exotros Gaming TS will have the option [not required] to join the website, but by joining will earn them awards and more.
    • The website will be extended so we can hold tournaments and track games.
    • The forums will be re-organized so its a multi-purpose gaming forum, Minecraft and Crusade will just be one of the few forums it will hold....
  3. Hollybeth
    Created by Hollybeth
    Jan 9, 2016
    Craftblock's weekly builds edition #5
    This week's theme has been 'Futuristic' and this week we've had the least submissions out of all the build comps so far. I'd like to know why this is so we can improve it for you and if you can leave comments below explaining what you'd like changed and what we can do to improve it that would be fantastic and largely appreciated. Thanks to the four players that submitted their builds and the standards of the four builds that got submitted are of an amazing standard and if only every other week had submissions like these.

    This week's submissions!
    - 6ae's Pizza Planet
    Submission Description:
    Toy Story is one of my favorite movies. Upon hearing that the theme this week was futuristic, I brainstormed for a little while and I thought about rockets and aliens, space, etc. I was going to make a really big planet but that's close to impossible in one week's time - so the next best thing? Pizza Planet! Inside is an actual pizza cafe and arcade with a claw game and even a DJ! You can even go inside the Pizza Planet Delivery Truck!

    -King_leoni's Futuristic house
    Submission Description:
    I've always wanted to try and make a modern house. So for this competition I decided I'd make one with a futuristic touch. The...
  4. CraftBlock
    Created by CraftBlock
    Jan 9, 2016
    Hello People of CraftBlock!

    I don't speak on here very often, however I'm here to bring you a short update with regards to all the servers. Over the past few days I've been working on cross-server chat between Main and Chocoblock (also CraftGames, but that's news for another day). This work has finally finished, chat is synced between servers and you can even use /msg and /r to private chat to users on the other server, the only issue is pressing tab to complete a name does not work, so you will need to type part or all of the users name on the other server.

    In addition to this, I have implemented a proxy plugin which sends join and leave messages to all servers instead of just the individual one that the player joined. This plugin also has a feature which will announce when a player switches servers as well instead of the standard leave/join messages. Once we figure out how to add colours to these messages, that will happen so they stand out from other messages and the chat looks less cluttered.

    I am aware some players play on Chocoblock to escape all the chat and such, so don't fret, you can change the chat to local via /gtoggle (do keep in mind, it'll make other players on Choco talking to players on main look insane though haha).

    As normal, you must be whitelisted on Chocoblock to join that server, if you do happen to be white-listed, you can join via "/server Chocoblock" and to return to main, just enter "/server Craftblock".

    That's about it really, so.. Enjoy!...
  5. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Jan 4, 2016
    Hello Crafters!

    Here is a small update on the upcoming changes that's related to ranks and economy.

    Remember, none of this will happen until AFTER we're on 1.9!

    This is an update on the survival ranks (Before Ambassador).

    The admins and I have been discussion this for quite a bit, we've finally found a good system to use as well as a nice set of ranks. Here is what we'll be doing.

    • The goal here is to introduce a system where the player is more productive and has more to do and won't be "bored" after playing for a short while. We want to enhance the survival of these ranks.
    • We're going to totally redo the rank structure. Blockling, Builder, Citizen, Trusted will be non-existent.
    • We're going to use a half auto-ranking system and half application system. This update only includes ranks for the auto-ranking system, we're still working on the application ranks.

    Ranking System
    This is a rank ladder that introduces two types of ranks, "Main Ranks" and "Sub Ranks". Each "Main Rank" (excluding the first rank) will have two "Sub Ranks" before it.

    New Player Rank -> Sub Rank -> Main Rank 1 -> Sub Rank -> Main Rank 2 -> Sub Rank -> Main Rank 3.

    Main Rank: A rank that has a collection of permissions and perks.
    Sub Rank: Limited, or very few perks added.

    This rank system allows us to extend it with more ranks in the future, it rewards players with achievements and it's only a little bit...