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  1. Chiplover2
    Created by Chiplover2
    Jan 24, 2016
    Alright… Hmm. I kinda forget how this goes, but I’ll try. Let’s see…
    ...Is this the right button?

    :nyanCatBlock Nyanly:nyan
    Meow #28 - Mew!

    No, no… That’s not the one. Hmm… How about this one?

    :illuminati:k3kBl0ck Qu1ck5cop3:illuminati:
    [email protected] #696969 - MUM GET THE CAMERAAAAAAA

    Nope… Not that one either >.<
    Hey, this one looks familiar. Let’s give it a whack, shall we? :3

    :craftblockCraftBlock Weekly
    Issue #28 - Reboot!

    Latest News: FINALLY!
    HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to this long-overdue issue of the CraftBlock Weekly! After a long break, a ton of instant ramen and 50 One Piece episodes in one week, I have decided to finally take back the wheel on the Weekly! I want to thank @lunafan031 and @NintendoFrosty for carrying on with the Weekly in my absence. Thank you guys for keeping the Weekly alive!

    As for the Weekly and its future, I’m going...
  2. Chiplover2
    Created by Chiplover2
    Jan 23, 2016
    Many of our Ambassadors here on CraftBlock haven't been active for a long while. After staff discussion, we have decided on demoting the following players from their Ambassador role:
    The following players are your current Ambassadors:
    I hate to make this so negative, but I haven't seen nearly enough Ambassadors online these days. It's almost pathetic having an army of Moderators online and no motivated Ambassadors. The staff have decided to eliminate the overwhelming amount of inactive Ambassadors (over half, mind you) to truly represent who comes on enough.

    If you're been demoted and you'd like to try for Ambassador again, feel tree to re-apply. If you're an Ambassador at the current moment, then please keep this in mind. Don't slink into inactivity unexcused (make a post here if you have some reason for taking a break). I want you all to heed this as a warning.

    Ambassador is a privilege, not a right.
    Ambassador is a respected position on this server which demands...
  3. Hollybeth
    Created by Hollybeth
    Jan 23, 2016
    Craftblock's weekly build comp edition #7

    During this past week we've I've seen a great variety of your statues from a peeing centaur to a dinosaur :lshark:.
    The theme has been great as you've all build your statues in different styles instead of being restricted to a particular build style and I my admit they're fab :D !.

    This week's Submissions
    -Meow_Im_a_duck's Dragon and fairy
    Submission Description:
    A statue of a fairy and dragon locked in combat, the fairy armed with a bow and the dragon with his own ferociousness! Who will win? The fairy, fighting for her fair town in the Enchanted Woods or the dragon, in a glorious attempt to fight for his kingdom?! :D

    -Noahandrea's dragon !
    More images:
    Submission Description:
    I built a large stone dragon statue. The creature is supposedly taking just taking off from the ground. Unfortunately I didn't quite finish but I am still very happy with how my first large statue turned out. Hope you enjoy! :)

    -6ae's Buddha statue
    Submission Description:
    I built this happy lil buddha freehand with no reference in like, one day! X)

    -Aram's wither

  4. RoaNob
    Created by RoaNob
    Jan 21, 2016
    this is an actual issue not a news issue because there hasn't been a weekly for like a month and i thought weekly meant it comes out every week
  5. Hollybeth
    Created by Hollybeth
    Jan 17, 2016
    Announcing the winner of comp #6 !
    This week's theme has been 'Steampunk' and it's great to see the amount of effort you've all put in to make amazingly large scale floating towns or airships that look like they've popped straight out of 19th century Britain.
    Thank you to EbeeGirl, Noahandres, MissRedpanda, Aram and Berentity for contributing this week and I hope more of you will join in this coming week.

    Congratulations to 'MissRedPanda' for winning this week's build comp !

    Congratulations to Red for winning this week's build comp with her fantastic floating town that dropped jaws! Goodness knows how she managed to do that all in a week.

    If you'd like to see her entry again make sure to click this link http://craftblock.me/threads/6-steampunk-missredpandas-steampunk-paradise.13265/.

    She'll be receiving a special asterisk next to his name in game and a his head on the hall of fame when the new spawn is finished !

    The theme for week #7 will be 'Statues' !
    This week our theme will be statues and this doesn't just mean replicate your skin with wool. We expect to see gladiators and dragons of any style and make sure to be as imaginative as you can be with this.

    Where do I build ?
    I will be adding a [warp] sign at spawn to a...