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CraftBlock is a Minecraft Network which has several PC survival servers, such as Towny, SkyBlock, Vanilla, and Creative. Each server has it's own special features, where you can build minecraft houses in towns, start and expand sky islands with jobs and slimefun, and build in creative mode on our creative plot server.

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Our Minecraft Servers

Towny & Survival

Our Towny Server, which is also called CraftBlock, is a unique survival server, that offers a lot more. With over 100 plugins, 8 ranks, various ways to claim plots, own towns, nations, building kits, an economy, player shops, and more, it's probably one of the best Towny servers you'll ever play on. When you start, you'll be placed in a short but beneficial tutorial spawn, there you just walk out, finish reading the information we have work your way to the Newbie Super OP Shop. After that's all done, you can finally get started.

SkyBlock & Slimefun

Aero is a typical SkyBlock survival server, but with a ton of unique content that makes it fun to play on, and our communities #1 favorite server. Once you join the spawn, you have to enter one simple command and your island is created. From there, you gather resources, work on your various skills, such as mining, chopping, and farming, until your island grows until it's the top island of the server.


While playing on our servers with a dozen plugins is fun, sometimes you want to get away from the noise and just play Minecraft how it was designed. On Choco, you can enjoy playing only survival, without any plugins that ruins Vanilla gameplay.


Right now, you just join the server and enter /plot auto, and it'll give you a very large plot to build in. You get creative and you can vote to get world-edit commands. In the future, we'll have a rank system and more features for a unique creative server. For now, it's simple and enjoyable.

Latest News

Important Owner Changes.

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Hi Community!

I'm taking a much needed break from being an Owner and stepping down to Admin. I'm tired and I feel like we need a new direction, and I don't feel like I can lead it as well anymore.

I'm giving the torch to MattMan & NintendoFrosty. They have great ideas and I trust them with my life. They're active, motivated, and have shown to be friendly and good leaders.

I'll still be behind the scenes, handling what the server requires to run, such as donations and our server software. But for everything else, Matt & Nin will take charge and handle.


I don't know how long this will be for. I'd like to see what Matt & Nin can do without me. It'll be fun to see the server change and what these two can bring to the table. I wish them luck and I hope you guys can woot for them to make CraftBlock amazing and active again.

Thank you!

Important Community: We ask for your feedback!

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How do you guys feel about how everything is going right now? Does everything work? Is anything broken?

I don't care what it is, post feedback, if you're staff, or if it's about staff, if something is broken, if it's laggy. Are we missing any super awesome plugins? Is our spawn ugly? Are you sick and tired of Discord pings? Literally, post your thoughts about CraftBlock and our servers and we'll try to improve!

I'm honestly stuck what to do for our servers, I need some motivation and ideas. What can we do to improve?

CraftBlock Removed VIP Rank

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After 7+ years (including the server CB was based on), I decided to remove the VIP rank.

VIP had one meaning, you were a special friend of mine. Either I thought you was really cool and deserved some type of higher rank, or you've been here since day one. It was a rank that only 45 players had, a rank that I almost never gave out.

I came to the realization recently that maybe it was time to let VIP go. Most of the VIPs don't participate in the community anymore, and when they do, it's only for a few hours and they disappear for a few more months.

VIP became less of a special rank, and more of a "Hey, here's a top tier rank for you even though you don't participate in the community anymore. Hope to see you next year!"

So, as of today, VIP on CraftBlock is no more.

I still adore my old friends that come on time to time, but if they want a higher rank, they'll need to participate in the community. (Or support us)


Important Changelog 10/23 - Updated to 1.13.2

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Quick Changelog post for the 1.13.2 update!

Hello again Crafters! This past night, Koa and I have went through quite a bit of work with updating the CraftBlock plugins that had new updates to them. But besides that, and the more major announcement: besides Aero, the rest of the servers have now been updated to 1.13.2!

Server Changes:

Craft (Towny)

» Removed:
  • SwearJar
    Even though this plugin was silly and loved by some of us, the swearjar has become null and void now that we have started using word filters. Sadly, it is just time to say goodbye to it.
» In-Progress:
  • TownyWorld towns (the old towny world)
    To limit confusion, this is about the world called "TownyWorld", which is the old 1.12 world. If your town is in "TownWorld," this does not apply to you.
    By the end of the week, we are...
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