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Creating a Towny Town - Historical

Applied By misskoa: Dec 12, 2015 at 2:56 AM

Creating a Towny Town
This wiki page is NOT finished!

Towny is one of the most complicated plugins to learn, but once you understand all of the commands and what Towny is capable of, your town will be able to be an organized, well built town. As a mayor, you'll have a full fledged set of commands to help you build and grow, while your residents will be safe from outsiders, with full-control of their own plot.

  • Creating a Town costs! Make sure you have enough CraftBucks!
    • /towny prices - Display the cost of creating a town and daily upkeep.
  • The purpose of this wiki page is to help new players who don't know how to create a town using Towny. We're going to simplify as well as only write about the essential commands of using Towny. If you'd like a more advanced topic, check the official wiki for Towny.