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Surviving Craftblock!

Discussion in 'Bacon and Mooshrooms' started by Bradley, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Bradley

    Bradley Intentional

    Feb 10, 2016
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    Here's some steps to surviving Craftblock, if you're new!

    1. When joining don't instantly spam, TALK LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME, hack, or greif etc.
    2. Vist /rules, it can save you from a ban. Also, Make sure you walk through newbie spawn, it has some good tips as well besides this.
    3. Decide if you want to ruff it in the wilderness, or join in with a town. Once you've joined a town/ found a spot to create a base, follow step 4.
    4. Create a house with essentials such as - Walls, Roof, Floor, Bed, Furnace, Windows, Crafting Bench, Chest.
    5. Ask an Ambassador or Staff to promote you to settler.
    6. After a couple days of meeting and thriving with other Craftblockians, try setting up a forums account. (Or do this earlier)
    7. Browse through the forums and check out how you can rank up. See what requirements you need and apply!
    8. Step 7 is the foundation of ranking up, after settler, its all applications. You can apply for Colonist, then Merchant, then Pioneer, then Apprentice, then Artisan, then Baron!
    9. Get familiar with the community, try not to be rude and you will have a good future on Craftblock.
    10. If you are interested in our advanced ranks, Designer and Ambassadors are a start. Personally I would suggest getting to Baron, as then you would have quite some time on Craftblock. Back to the Designer/Ambassador thing, If you think you can help the community but you don't wanna dive fully into mod, try out Ambassador. If you are an excellent builder that gives people WOWs and DANGs, then apply for Designer.

    Last thing: If you follow these tips, then you should be all set in Craftblock, good luck to you newbies and craft on! (Oh also if you're a Dweller you're commands are right below)

    Commands - By CosmoSayres, (do /rank in game to visit the original thread or click here - http://craftblock.co/threads/ranks-and-command-wiki.14657/#post-80595) (Or do /help in game)

    [/Abilities and permissions:
    The ability to set one home
    The ability to use heal and disposal signs
    Able to have up to 3 jobs
    /help - Lists all available commands for your rank.
    /rules - List the server rules.
    /spawn - Teleport to Spawn.
    /set home - Set a home teleport.
    /home - Teleport to your home.
    /del home - Delete your home teleport.
    /shop - Open the shop menu.
    /wiki - Receive a link for the CraftBlock wiki. Very helpful!
    /towny - View commands for the Towny plugin.
    /jobs list - View the list of jobs.
    /jobs join jobname - Join a job and earn money.
    /lwc - View commands for the LWC plugin.
    /mcmmo help - View help for the MCMMO plugin.
    /bal - View your current balance.
    /pay playername amount - Pay a player.
    /time - View the current game time.
    /player playername - View details information for a player.
    /seen playername - Check when a player was last online.
    /AFK - Let people know you're AFK.
    /list - View a list of all online players.
    /mail read - View your mail.
    /mail send playername message - Send a private mail to a player.
    /mail clear - Empty your mailbox.
    /tpa playername - Request to teleport to a player.
    /tpahere playername - Request a player to teleport to you.
    /tpaccept - Accept a teleport request.
    /tpdeny - Deny a teleport request.
    /msg playername message - Send a PM to a player.
    /r message - Quick reply to a PM.
    /me - Talk in the third person (do not use this for normal talking, please!)
    /vote - Vote for the server to receive fly and money.
    /buy - Access to buycraft in-game to contribute to the server or purchase a rank.
    /ranks - Receive a link for the Ranks and Commands wiki.
    /website - Receive a link for the CraftBlock forum.
    /recipe - Allows you to find out the crafting recipe for an item.
    /bikeshop - Lets you buy and use motorbikes in-game.
    /auction - Lets you auction and bid on items.
    /kit - Allows you to have the dweller kit.
    /ignore - Allows you to mute a player in chat.
    /lock - Allows you to lock unclaimed chests.
    /unlock - Allows you to unlock chests you have locked.
    /cmodify - Allows you to setup group chest permissions.
    /tgui - Allows you to access the towny GUI.
    /fctoggle - Allows you to toggle fastcraft
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  2. ImmenseShadows

    ImmenseShadows New Member

    Jul 2, 2015
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    i approve of this message
  3. ShepleyChrist

    ShepleyChrist Ambassashep - Sheep Ambassador to CraftBlock

    Aug 16, 2016
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    Just a reminder that Ambassador isn't the easiest position to obtain. It is a recommendation to rank-up on the survival ladder first and be with the server for a few months before applying. It's also a great way for people who want to be mod (like me) sometime in the future get familiar with how everything works and how to deal with situations, so if you apply for the moderator position you already know the basics. Being Ambassador doesn't mean you will get the moderator position. It allows you to help other players and allows the staff to see how well you work with other players.

    Edit: Fixed my wording as it could be taken two ways and cleared some stuff up.
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  4. Statuesque

    Statuesque fℓσωєя qυєєи
    CB Mod

    Mar 29, 2015
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    "ambassador in
    no way shape or form
    leads to mod"
  5. DeltaBeetle

    DeltaBeetle Active Member

    May 29, 2016
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    I feel like not enough people know this.
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  6. Bradley

    Bradley Intentional

    Feb 10, 2016
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  7. EbeeGirl

    EbeeGirl The Banner Queen

    Dec 28, 2015
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    I think people assume this because most Ambassadors become Mods.

    But not all do.

    Ambassadors is a helper rank that regular players can become if they want to help out others. It can lead to Mod as you communicate with staff in Admin Chat, use similar perms to Mods (lesser, but powerful perms), and whatnot. Those aspects can increase your chances of staff noticing you and saying how good of an Ambassador you are/how great you'd be as a Mod. It can be helpful if you want to be Mod, but is not a requirement nor will it give you Mod on a silver platter if you do it.

    It's like early work experience that can help you. Like when writing a resume, having a bit of experience in the field can help you, but it isn't mandatory.
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  8. ShepleyChrist

    ShepleyChrist Ambassashep - Sheep Ambassador to CraftBlock

    Aug 16, 2016
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    Yeah I kinda typed that weird. What I meant was who people who want to be mod at some time can try for ambassador so when they apply for mod, not necessarily getting accepted, they know more about how the position works and how to deal with stuff, so when they apply and if they make it they already have expierence with situations.

    I've known that amby doesn't mean you'll get mod, I was tired and my wording wasn't the greatest.

    I totally agree.
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