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  1. Chiplover2
    Created by Chiplover2
    Dec 18, 2016
    CraftBlock Weekly
    Issue #39
    Hello everyone, and welcome to this week's jam-packed edition of the CraftBlock Weekly! I've missed a couple of things over the past two weeks out of outside pressure to finish the Weekly quickly, so hopefully this week will get everyone up-to-date with everything. A lot of stuff happened this week on its own as well, so let's get started!

    NintendoFrosty is Owner
    Before I pull up the Weekly Digest, I want to congratulate @NintendoFrosty on earning the rank of Owner this past week. I know he got it this past Friday, but I feel like he's been suited for the position for a while now. He's mature, level-headed, and gets a ton of things done behind the scenes. He's also a super nice guy to work with, as he never causes drama and he's a friendly person to be around. He's also a ninja. Taking into account that I am none of the things that are listed above, I personally think, and I'm sure everyone else on the server can agree, that Nin is the best possible choice for this role. Like I said, it's like he was Owner already. ;3

    Congratulations times a bajillion on Owner, Nintendo! You're gonna do great, just like you have been for the past couple of years as a loyal staff member and friend to the server. Stay Frosty, Nin!...
  2. GhostedEmbers
    Created by GhostedEmbers
    Dec 13, 2016
    [​IMG] Oh hello! You might have asked what's up with the slow down on nanoblocks development? I am here to awnser, as few things regarding myself, the one who's mainly setting all this up.
    * My computer has given me heaps of troubles recently involving Java overall, many attempts to fix this have failed.
    * I'm currently upgrading to a new system as I learned I'm getting a new desktop for my birthday, which Is this coming Friday on the 16th. (cries)
    *Background work on nano is progressing but in game progress is slowed down right now.
    * We may be updating to a different pack as well. Beta is beta and this is the time to try things, if it is doesn't work out, We'll return to our current mod pack.

    So, if you have any 1.10 packs or mod packs that are featured on curse or FTB. Leave me them. I'll check then out. And prepare for a straw poll!

    Glitching out,
  3. Chiplover2
    Created by Chiplover2
    Dec 11, 2016
    CraftBlock Weekly
    Issue #39
    Hello everyone, and welcome to this week's fancy-lookin' edition of the CraftBlock Weekly! I wanna thank @misskoa and @NintendoFrosty for helping me make the Weekly look awesome! They helped me find this cool font and get all the stuff I made onto the forums, but I'll have you know that I designed everything myself ;P (except for the font, lol). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this week's font-astic (sorry not sorry) issue of the CraftBlock Weekly!

    Weekly Digest
    Since I was so chuffed about making the Weekly look nice, I made a box that looks just like the "quote" box that can be used for these sorts of inserts. In my opinion it helps make things more organized, and most importantly, more fancy-looking! I bet those other newsletter-writers out there don't know basic, barebones CSS like I do ;)
    Weekly Digest
    This Weekly Digest features CSS abuse and updates provided by @EbeeGirl and @NintendoFrosty! (And once again paraphrased by myself XD)
    • Trails are back! When I do /trails it says I don't have permission XD, but that should probably be fixed soon! Get ready to add pizzazz to your strides!
    • Staff are now required to listen in on our TS channel! It'll help make the community more connected if we can use our voices (or at least listen to...
  4. ghfjk99
    Created by ghfjk99
    Dec 11, 2016
    *Meanwhile , typing this during late-midnight* Going to sleep after this.
    Hey guys! Don't ask. I was somewhat bored and wanted to do this.
    I know, I'm a rookie when it's comes to editing.
  5. EbeeGirl
    Created by EbeeGirl
    Dec 7, 2016
    Introducing Stables

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people and... uh... people... Let me introduce you to one of the newest additions to Craftblock, Stables. Stables is a new and hopefully better system for protecting those horses, donkeys, mules, llamas and similar pets/rides you enjoy having at your side. With the addition of Stables, a better system for protecting your horse is finally here and you can even create stables for them.

    What Is It?

    As I have stated above, Stables allows you to protect your animals (not cows, pigs, and such) and create stables to keep them in. A few things it also does are...
    • Your horses are now protected from outside damages like including PVP, environmental like falling and lava and monsters.
    • It adds recipes for horse armor, nametags and saddles so that you no longer have to spend hours looking for any of those (or getting lost in /shop).
    • By using a nametag on a horse, you can take Ownership of it. You can also allow your friends to ride on your horse with a simple command.
    • Teleport (to), locate or summon your claimed horses.
    • The ability to spawn zombie and skeleton horses from eggs. (Not sure if MobHunter works with this or not, but creative users can get spawn eggs for these two types of horses now)
    How Does It Work?

    To claim a horse as your own, you first have to tame it...​