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  1. NintendoFrosty
    Created by NintendoFrosty
    Jan 9, 2017
    Bi-Weekly Theme #4: "Sports"

    For this competition's theme, we have decided to go for a suggestion we've gotten, and go with the broad category of Sports!

    This theme covers a very large amount of things to build. Including different things associated with sports, fields, stadiums, and more!

    Ideas & Inspiration.

    Get Started

    • Get Started: Start by logging into CraftBlock and doing /wbc in chat.You'll be transferred to the Build Competition server. Afterwards, be sure to enter /spawn.
    • Find a plot you can build on.
    • We don't protect our plots to make this easier for the players. In-case a build does get griefed, we have anti-griefing tools in place.
    • You have two weeks, from the second this announcement is made to submit your build.
    • Submit Your Build: When finished, submit the build by clicking on the top banner of this thread, or...
  2. Chiplover2
    Created by Chiplover2
    Jan 8, 2017
    CraftBlock Weekly
    Issue #43
    Hello everyone, and welcome to this week's jam-packed edition of the CraftBlock Weekly! There's a lot to talk about this week, so let's get right down to it!

    Weekly Digest
    Lots of plugin updates for Main happened this week! Be sure to get caught up on all the changes!
    • MobHunting has been added to the server! This plugin gives you rewards for hunting monsters, and also gives you the ability to put bounties on your enemies' heads!
    • ClearLag is back! I'm not sure how long it'll be on the server, but this was added a couple of days ago to help with the crazy amounts of lag we were having. This will remove any entities sitting on the ground within certain time intervals to help the server run a little smoother.
    • RTP (Random Teleport) has been added to the server! I'm not sure about the exact details of its implementation, but @Bloebls has been working on adding it to Newbie Spawn. This plugin will teleport you to a random spot on the map, making it easier for players to get into the game instead of having to find a biome warp and run for a long time, just to get to a private spot to build.
    • @Bloebls fixed Newbie Spawn teleports to other worlds! Thanks Bloe!

    Map Reset in May
    This hasn't been made an official post...
  3. NintendoFrosty
    Created by NintendoFrosty
    Jan 2, 2017

    Christmas Competition 2016!​

    Just want to leave a little preface saying, we had an amazing group of submissions here for this competition that look spectacular! With that though, I highly encourage you guys to check out each of these player's original posts!

    I'm only showing one picture per entry for this to save room, but some of these builds have more to show than just the one image I chose to show, so please go check out their posts to get each of their builds in their entirety!

    And with that, thank you all so much for participating, as well as those of you voting! Happy Holidays!

    Soluma's Pixel Art!


    Submission: "For this Christmas theme, I have built 2 pixel art structures, a Christmas Tree and a Candy Cane. It took me around 2 hours to make these structures and I hope my hark work pays off. The resource pack I am using is Isily Craft V.4.1" Check out their post here for more!

    Isosceles_hippo's Jingle Bells Sheet Music!


    Submission: "I literally spent like an hour of my life building sheet music.....It's completely accurate, its the last 8 bars of Jingle Bells for piano, minus the Bass...
  4. Chiplover2
    Created by Chiplover2
    Jan 1, 2017
    CraftBlock Weekly
    Issue #42
    Hello everyone, and welcome to the new year, and coincidentally this week’s issue of the CraftBlock Weekly! This year has been kinda poopy, world-wise, but what is real life, anyway? Let’s keep out heads help high for what 2017 has in store! As for now, though, let’s take a look at some of yesteryear’s news, shall we? (I love that word and I finally got to use it! Yay me!)

    Weekly Digest
    A few updates happened this past week in the Digest department.
    • AutoInventory, a plugin that helps you sort your items in your inventory and chests, has been added to the server! From the two and a half minutes I spent fiddling with this myself, it seems quite diverse and useful! We hope you guys get good use out of it!
    • The FastCraft GUI was taken off the server because it uses too much memory. </3
    • The staff team, Admins and volunteering Mods alike, are working hard to provide a functioning wiki section for you guys! The one we have now is kinda bare-bones, but we’re working on adding more content! Think of it as our New Years resolution. ;)

    Inventory Rollback
    Yesterday afternoon, there was a glitch with some plugin, making everyone that joined the server join as a new player, from what I heard. After shutting down the server, @misskoa did her best to restore the most...
  5. Chiplover2
    Created by Chiplover2
    Dec 25, 2016
    CraftBlock Weekly
    Issue #41
    Hello everyone, and welcome to this week's festive issue of the CraftBlock Weekly! Not much happened in way of news this week, but lots is happening during this festive holiday season! I'm sure all of you want to go back and have a merry Christmas, or light your menorahs again tonight, or whatever you do to celebrate with your families, so I'll make this Weekly short and sweet this week.
    Weekly Digest
    Not too much happened this week, but we're working very hard to get a certain fishing plugin up and running! I'm a fan of fishing, but waiting around for fish to bite in itself is boring. But with the addition of competition to the sport I think it'll be a lot more fun!

    December Build Competition
    This is just a quick reminder to everyone who's in this month's holiday-themed competition. The competition is closing on December 31st, so please, if you're interested in the competition, start now! I know all of us school-aged folk, including myself, have plenty of free time to enter and execute our ideas.

    If you'd like more information on the competition in general, click here, and if you'd like to enter a build you've made,...