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  1. NintendoFrosty
    Created by NintendoFrosty
    Jul 9, 2017
    Bi-Weekly Theme #11: "Culture"

    With the recent celebration of American culture in Independence Day, I thought it'd be fun to include other cultures in the latest competition, so here we are! For this competition, it'll be based around other culture's traditions, architecture, and much more!

    Ideas & Inspiration.
    Get Started
    • Get Started: Start by logging into CraftBlock and doing /wbc in chat.You'll be transferred to the Build Competition server. Afterwards, be sure to enter /spawn.
    • Find a plot you can build on.
    • We don't protect our plots to make this easier for the players. In-case a build does get griefed, we have anti-griefing tools in place.
    • You have two weeks, until July 21st to submit your build.
    • Submit Your Build: When finished,...
  2. DryBones_38
    Created by DryBones_38
    Jul 4, 2017
    CraftBlock Weekly
    Issue #61
    Ello everyone! This is your random possum here! :dry: This is a special edition of the weekly today because its 4th of July (Not trying to be a slacker again. haha) Lets a go!

    Event today!

    So since today is 4th of July, we're going to have an event the entire day! We're going to throw a party and do our fireworks show! So come on down and enjoy the show!!!

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    Lovely Supporters!

  3. NintendoFrosty
    Created by NintendoFrosty
    Jul 2, 2017

    Build Competition #10: Colors Submissions!​

    CreationDreams' Supposedly Big Flowers!


    Submission: Hello o/ This is my first build for the WBC on this server so I hope you enjoy!
    Anyways, my build (with an amazing title) is of a small fairy holding a daisy while surrounded by flowers. I'm not that great of explaining things like this, so hopefully you get the idea.
    Check out their post here for more!

    ShepleyChrist's Sanctus Dei!


    Submission: A sanctuary and monument dedicated to the mythical God of Rainbows, Sanctus Dei, he who provides color to this world via his staff which he uses to summon rainbow lightining. Complete with a garden entrance, a Garden of Rainbows, beams of infinite rainbow power, and lots of color. Built by ShepleyChrist. Check out their post here for more!
  4. McWoofles
    Created by McWoofles
    Jun 21, 2017
    Is there a person besides yourself that is doing really good this week?
    Someone who should be recognized for their hard work?
    Well, vote for them for player of the week!
    The player should be Dweller, Settler, or Colonist!
    Each week, we will have a segment on the weekly recognizing a good player (voted on by the server).
    Do vote for people, click the link: https://goo.gl/forms/VFxLevuW7r4P9vq92
    Thanks! :doge:doge:doge
  5. DryBones_38
    Created by DryBones_38
    Jun 19, 2017
    CraftBlock Weekly
    Issue #59

    Ello everyone! This is your random possum here! :dry: I am typing this from 9 am til now because work killed me and I just needed sleep (What's sleep?) Anyway, lets begin!

    Server is now on 1.12!

    Everyone we have finally updated to 1.12! Did you guys know that the name of this update is actually called "World of Colors"? It also has the update of new crafting systems, achievements, helping for those who are starting and many more like glazed terracotta, concrete, colored beds, illusioners, and parrots!!

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