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  1. Hollybeth
    Created by Hollybeth
    Nov 22, 2015
    Announcing the winner of Craftblock's second build competition
    This week we've received an amazing amount of build competitions and thank you to those twelve players that submitted you're builds this week and they were all of an amazing standard. Last week we only had four submissions so hopefully we'll get even more submissions next week and this week's competition should be more organised as we have plots in the comp world which are 50 by 50 or 100 by 100 but if you need a large plot just let me know.

    Congratulations to "Cofstein" for winning this week's build competition

    Cofstein build an amazing mage tree that looks absolutely on an floating island that looks stunning. If you want to see more screenshots of Cofstein's builds be sure to check them out here: http://craftblock.me/threads/2-cofsteins-mage-tree.12823/.

    He will be receiving a special heavy asterisk symbol" (✱) besides his name and will have his head put up in the hall of fame when the new spawn is completed.

    Thank you to @king_leoni , @Lilantman05 , @GrandMasterSnoop , @Paragon_Nyx , @Bluebearx, @YoloBro18 , @Nobody , @PassName ,...
  2. Hollybeth
    Created by Hollybeth
    Nov 21, 2015
    Craftblock's weekly builds edition #2
    This weeks theme has been "Trees" and we've had a great success for the second week. We've had a great number of you display your building skills and I've been shocked by the quality of the builds you've produced in only a week. As we've had a creative world for you all this time I think that it has encouraged more of you to participate that are survival players and I've loved

    This week's candidates
    - Kookrat's reigning champion tree

    -Isosceles_hippo's Tree with magical interior

    -Passname's gathering of trees

    -Nobody's tree

    - Cofstein's mage tree

    - Yolobro's tree art
  3. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Nov 21, 2015
    DemiGod, or before, Dwarf, is our most expensive supporter rank. It's a $200 rank that gets you all of the supporter perks of all of our current and future CraftBlock servers.

    We've actually just had the second purchase of the rank, by @Dr_Doctor. He's now side by side with @zombie_dogge as holding the title of having the most expensive CraftBlock rank ever. Thanks to these contributions, we can do more then pay the server bills, we can actually afford plugins and more and make CB into a better place.

    However, before Zombie and Dr contributed, the rank was just there as a joke rank. I didn't take it seriously, so I didn't add the rank. After Zombie supported us, I added the rank and gave him what was promised, but thinking it'll never happen again I didn't consider put more effort into the rank. But now that it's been bought twice, I'm going to seriously put effort into making it a damn good rank to have.

    So below, here is a list of what a DemiGod may have.

    • Highest Supporter rank on every CraftBlock server.
      This means you're Royal on CraftBlock, you're Titan on Exotros Crusade, you're whatever highest supporter there is on the Upcoming Nano Server, etc. Just remember that servers are hard to get right and they can die, be shut down, etc. They'll always be more servers though.
    • Custom Prefix + Nick + Custom Colors
      As long as the colors aren't 80% Cyan or Red (Staff Colors), you can choose any color you'd...
  4. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Nov 20, 2015
    Tonight, our changes start with a new plugin that will hopefully replace PStones. However, I do need your guys help to make sure this plugin works.

    GriefPrevention is a powerful land/plot protection plugin that allows you to claim land, with extra tools to help you, such as trusting friends and more.

    Remember, just like PStones, this is our alternative to using Towny. (We don't want to be a 100% Towny server, we like giving players control!). So this should be used if you're NOT using Towny and you need protection.

    To get started, you'll need a golden shovel. Right click on two points with the shovel to create your protection.

    I need your help to make sure this plugin is configured correctly, so it makes protection for you guys easier.


    The Configuration
    This is the important part. While I know how everything works, I don't know the perfect values. It's not me that will be protecting land. It will be you guys who will be using it every single day. I'm gonna rely no you guys to help me get this set-up perfect.

    Look at the config and the guide for how the config works. Post here and make suggestions on what to change.

    # Default values are perfect for most servers.  If you want to customize and have a question, look for the answer here...
  5. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Nov 20, 2015
    1.9 is getting closer and closer, and while initially we' planned to bring out one huge update when that happens, we decided we're going to slowly roll out new features and a new structure to the server instead. Here are some of our plans.

    • Optimize the server first! Let's try to get rid of lagspikes before we throw in new plugins.
    • We're going to be adding plugins that should enhance gameplay on several fronts, this includes Player Vs Environment, Economy, Towns, and building. We're adding for plugins that isn't just for "fun".
    • An alternative to Precious Stones and our current implementation of player shops. While PStones been with us since almost CraftBlocks birth, and it has done it's job as an alternative protection feature other then Towny, it's also caused too many headaches and confusion.
    • Adding in new ranks structure. We're planning to go with a half auto-rank and half apply for ranks structure.
    • Resetting the Economy. We all know it's broken as hell. We're going to fix and change the structure so it's not like that.

    So expect a lot of changes today, tomorrow, and until we hit 1.9 on CraftBlock.

    It's the best time to suggest plugins, features, report on what you DON'T like about CraftBlock and what you want changed. It's also the perfect time to support us , so we can buy the best plugins and more.

    Excited? I am!