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  1. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Dec 4, 2015
    Hopefully that'll help out some. Enjoy!
  2. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Dec 3, 2015
    Hey guys, lately there been an awful amount of lag, and I think it's more blocklag then anything. I been trying to figure out the issue but it's been pretty difficult. The servers TPS (which is ticks-per-second,) seems almost perfect when there is any lag.

    It could be several things. I'll be contacting our server provider to see if there has been any network issues, but just incase it's the server itself, I'm disabling some plugins. If you still experience blocklag, please post here, so I can keep disabling plugins to try to find the source.

    Current plugins disabled:
    • craftbook
    • zhorse
    • griefprevention
    • portals
    • trading
    • mob arena
    • bossshop (/shop)
    • custom death messages

    I'm hoping one of these were the issue but if they weren't, I need to know! If you're still getting blocklag, post here!

  3. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Dec 1, 2015

    We're going to be doing something different then what we been doing the last few weeks.

    It's December, and everyday of this month we'll be celebrating Christmas, by doing a community theme, "Christmas Town", a month long theme where the community together builds a Town!

    Getting Started
    You'll see a warp at /spawn called ChristmasComp. Right-click the warp and you'll be taken to the Christmas Competition world.

    Your inventory should be cleared and you should be switched to Creative.

    Find a spot, anywhere to build. Keep in mind we're trying to build a Christmas Town, so plan the place of your build accordingly.

    Wait.. What? What do I build?
    You'll be building anything that is Christmas or Holiday themed! BUT instead of building in organized plots, you gotta work together with the community in building an organized Town. What does this Town have to have? Well, you guys decide.

    Still feel lost? Find a spot anywhere, and build.

    An entire month? That's long!
    Yup, we'd like to see what you guys can archive when everyone has creative, and when everyone works together, for an entire month.

    There will be two types of winners.
    • By Best build, we'll have the community vote on the best build submitted.
    • By Contributions. We'll also have a winner based on how much they contributed in making the Christmas Town. This means helping others with their builds, to building paths and...
  4. DanniTheDinosaur
    Created by DanniTheDinosaur
    Nov 29, 2015
    Hey guys,

    After watching @isosceles_hippo work really hard for the past month to keep the server moderated and under control, we have decided to promote her to Super Mod.
    If you see her on the server, chuck her a congratulations.

    Thank you,
    Have an amazing day.
    DanniTheDinosaur. :joy:
  5. Hollybeth
    Created by Hollybeth
    Nov 29, 2015
    Announcing the winner of Craftblock's third build competition

    Thank you to all that participated this week and the standards were high like always and it was nice to see you all build in a style you like as on the last week of each month you don't have to abide by a theme. The plots seem to have worked well as we had less cases of players with an explosive personality deciding to blow up the comp world due to tnt now being disabled in the comp world which is great.

    Congratulations to "NanneO" for winning this week's build competition

    Congratulations to NanneO for winning this weeks build with his amazing library and if you'd like to see more screenshots be sure to check out this link http://imgur.com/a/ne6W8. Nanne's build looked so impressive I decided to go and take a look in game and I can confirm it looks as good as it does in the screenshots , well done!

    He will be receiving a special heavy asterisk symbol" (✱) besides his name and will have his head put up in the hall of fame when the new spawn is completed and a medal on the forums.

    Thank you to @isosceles_hippo , @aram_7 , @MissPig , @PassName , @KookRat , @Cbhusker , @lunafan031 , @Meow_Im_A_Duck and...