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  1. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Jan 13, 2016
    Teamspeak is dead.

    I'm tired of trying to get people hype to get on Teamspeak. It's always been dead and while this summer we saw a nice bounce of activity on it, that didn't last for long. Teamspeak is nice, it gives you A LOT of control, but it's also dead, for us. And it costs money for mobile web apps.

    Discord is better. It's simple, and it's free on the web, as a desktop client and as a mobile application. It's clean and it's not confusing like Teamspeak is for some players. Oh and it's starting to gain a lot of new features, integration and third party plugins, like Minecraft chat integration and a better DJ bot.

    So what does this all mean?

    Well, I'm going to stop advertising the Teamspeak. It'll still be up for those who prefer it, but now we're officially going to advertise DIscord on the servers.

    I'm also going to clean the TS up and remove some rooms, as well as leave a note that we've moved to discord.


    So why should YOU move to Discord?
    • The desktop app uses less resources, including bandwidth and CPU, all while with better voice quality [for those who talk with their mics, of course].
    • It's really simple. and that' is a great feature cause I can't count all the people who couldn't understand how to use Teamspeak.
    • It integrates Twitch and soon, Twitter, also loads of other third party plugins are coming to it.
    • It' has a nice theme to it, it's pretty.
    • It gives us a lot of LESS...
  2. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Jan 12, 2016

    We're about to make everyone's dreams come true. Guess what's coming soon to a server you love? SKYBLOCK!

    Thanks to Asa's additions to Bungee, the notifications of switching servers and global chat now works, which means we're going to make more of an effort to open more Bungee servers, where players are connected, no matter where.

    The first is SkyBlock! This is a new project we wanted to do for the last year or so but finally had the time and the team to make it happen.

    While we can't give much details, here is some information to keep you waiting while we make this server come true.

    • The server name will be called "AeroBlock".
    • This is a team effort of the admins. HollyBeth, Kingst, TheStinkyBeaver & ChipLover & our help, Asa.
    • HollyBeth will be the leader of the project!
    • The server will be a Bungee server, that means you won't connect to it via IP, but by a command and in the future, a portal!

    When will this server happen?!
    Well, first we still need a lot done. The server probably won't be released till after the 1.9 update.

    I'm super excited about this and I hope you guys are too. We'll keep everyone updated while we set this server up!

  3. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Jan 11, 2016
    It was on safe mode and we couldn't fix it till now. Sorry about that.
  4. Hollybeth
    Created by Hollybeth
    Jan 10, 2016
    Announcing the winner of build comp #5 !
    This week's theme has been "Futuristic" and we've had some out of this world builds this week (my attempt to be funny). This week we had four entries which was rather disappointing so if you're wondering why should I enter the build comps I'd like to mention that by entering you get to build in a creative flat world and if you win you receive a special asterisk by your name so that it's clear you have one a build comp and in addition to that you'll have your player head placed on a special wall of fame in our new spawn!

    Congratulations to "King_leoni" for winning this week's build comp !
    Congratulations to King_leoni for winner this week's competition with his fabulous futuristic house ! Make sure to give him a well done in game of if you're feeling particularly emotional maybe even a hug. I have to admit the domes on his build are fabulous and I love how he has used stained clay for grass but hey when did I become an expert on building? x3.

    If you'd like to see more of King's fabulous build make sure to click on this link http://craftblock.me/threads/futuristic-house.13226/ !

    He'll be receiving a special asterisk next to his name in game and a his head on the hall of fame when the new spawn is finished !

    The theme for...
  5. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Jan 9, 2016
    This is an idea for now, a concept - where I'll be trying to make happen in the upcoming weeks.

    Most of you know Exotros as a PVP server. Right now it's tied to a factions server that's hardly making it by.

    I actually bought the Exotros domain in 2014, the idea of it was to grow a more general gaming community. I didn't have time to make that idea happen then but I think since Exotros now has a nice set-up and I think with the amount of gamers here on CB and my other online friends, we can make the idea happen.

    So, what is my idea exactly?

    Well, the whole idea is based on being specific to a few online games and Teamspeak.
    • A Teamspeak for Exotros (and maybe later, Discord)
    • League, CS:GO and in the future Dota and other PVP games.
    The base of the Teamspeak is as follows;

    • A mature community for gamers.
    • A place to find other players to duo with
    • A place for tournaments and to win prizes.

    The Teamspeak will be organized with ranks, I've researched A LOT on TS game communities, I'm hoping to do this one better with everything I've learned.

    Also, the website:

    • Gamers who join the Exotros Gaming TS will have the option [not required] to join the website, but by joining will earn them awards and more.
    • The website will be extended so we can hold tournaments and track games.
    • The forums will be re-organized so its a multi-purpose gaming forum, Minecraft and Crusade will just be one of the few forums it will hold....