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  1. NintendoFrosty
    Created by NintendoFrosty
    Oct 10, 2016
    Bi-Weekly Competition #1!

    Hey everyone! This post is going to be a little different from usual. There are some new changes that are going to be made to the competitions, so be sure to catch everything! This will affect all building competitions from now on!

    Yes! Building Competitions are finally back in business. They've been inactive for quite awhile now, but with this new reboot, they should be back up and running! I'll be managing the competition from now on, and I look forward to seeing everyone's builds!

    Last Week's Winner
    Before getting into the new updates to the competition, let's give congratulations to @zom999_potato on winning last week's competition! With some help from @DeltaBeetle, they have built a lovely little one-room school house! Here's a link to his submission, as well as a preview right here!

    New incoming changes!
    • Since last week's competition was a complete mess, and the competition hasn't been very strong for a long while, we're going to reboot the competition entirely.
    • Now, instead of having only one week to build, you'll have two weeks! This will give you more time to get your ideas situated and polish your builds :3.
    • Because of this,...
  2. Xomee
    Created by Xomee
    Oct 2, 2016
    Good news everyone, we got the server all spiffed back up and running.

    As most of you have heard or noticed we had quite the stir up this evening, we had a few people log on and impersonate dear Bubbles, and cause other mischief: wiping Towny files, attempting to delete spawn world, resetting the economy, to name a few.

    We've managed to fix the worlds that were deleted, banned the culprits, and cleared Shawksean and Bubbles' names, however there are some things we just can't get back. Towny was wiped and while we were able to get it back on track there still might be some issues with plots. Let us know if you find anything and we'll try and fix it as best we can.

    Economy being reset is also something we just can't roll back. If you happen to have a screenshot of your balance, those of you ranking up are in luck, we can set you back to that amount. However to everyone else: your balance has been set back up to 10,000 to try and compensate what was lost.

    I cannot apologize enough for this inconvenience, I know this is going to set a lot of you back, but there is simply nothing to be done about it.

    Again let staff know if you find any other issues, but we're pretty sure we got them all taken care of. :kawaiishock2:
  3. EbeeGirl
    Created by EbeeGirl
    Oct 1, 2016
    As the title likely suggests, Craftblock is currently down. A want-to-be hacker (or some teenagers in their mom's basement) found a way to get OP and caused trouble on the server. We can't say what the situation with our maps is yet, but we're trying to reload them. It's hard to say at this point and we just need time to resolve all the problems going on. Please be patient.
  4. NintendoFrosty
    Created by NintendoFrosty
    Oct 1, 2016
    Hey everyone! Extreme apologies for the long wait for this, for those of you that had submitted your builds, but worry not! Weekly build comps are now back, in full swing!

    Weekly #29! Vote for your winner!

    ---This Competition's Entries---

    CBDragon1's school bus!
    Submission Description:
    Its a BUS SCHOOL BUSS AHHH.(everyones worst nightmare).

    zom999_potato's school!
    More images of this build can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/VHWDW
    Submission Description:
    The one classroom'ed (and one teacher) school created by zom999_potato (me) and DeltaBeetle. It is a school with only one classroom.

    xxCaptain621xx's pixel art!
    Submission Description:

    Tis be school stuffs

    beth_hwk's student's desk!...
  5. seanmatnt
    Created by seanmatnt
    Sep 27, 2016
    So 1.11 Releases tomorrow and it Comes with these EXACT THINGS:


    By far the fan favourite announcement of the whole convention, the revelation that llamas would be coming to Minecraft is, bizarrely, huge news. Apart from looking like llamas, the new mobs will have a number of bespoke features to make them stand out. For starters, they’ll be able to spit, which despite being incredibly rude and obnoxious is also an effective means of ranged attack.

    Jens also said the player would be able to “swag them out with carpets,” which are essentially saddles but with some added visual flair. You can also attach satchels to llamas in order to use them like pack mules. Better still, if you use a lead on a llama, all nearby llamas will automatically form a caravan behind the llama you’re leading.

    Woodland Mansion

    New places for treasure and dungeon crawling are always welcome among the Minecraft community, and the addition of incredibly difficult, procedurally-generated mansions should give players plenty more to do when they reach the end of the game. The Woodland Mansion dungeon type will be very rare, but will offer some intriguing rewards courtesy of its three new hostile mobs: Evoker, Vex and Vindicator. As menacing as those names are, the mobs are actually just...