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  1. Bloebls
    Created by Bloebls
    Jul 22, 2016
    Hey people,

    So recently I decided to look over a few suggestions we had plugin wise, to make the server more fun and enjoyable for everyone. I found a few suggestions in there that were pretty nice, and went over these:

    Mobcather was suggested by a few players, though I believe the original player was @WelderBabe.
    Mobcather allows you to catch any mob as a spawn egg by throwing a chicken egg at them. This makes it feel like a sort of pokemon go CB edition, but it's also very useful for creating farms, or getting horses to your home.
    useful info: Every mob you catch will cost you 25 cb, mobs in claimed areas can not be taken or killed.

    Another thread I had a look at was @Mattman096 's thread, concerning
    This plugin would allow you to switch between paintings by scrolling, instead of replacing the painting. I have not added the plugin itself, but the function was avaible in another plugin of ours, Craftbook, and it was enabled. Simply right click a painting and scroll.

    We also discussed Silkspawner:
    This plugin was suggested by a few players, like @Mattman096 and @Spirit. Bad news for this plugin, as it will not be added. It holds the potential to both ruin our economy more and create lots of server lag, for example by people creating giant farms. It would also take the fun, or the challenge out of making a farm, not to speak of...
  2. asacavanagh
    Created by asacavanagh
    Jul 21, 2016
    Just a quick notice:

    There has been a new question added to the Moderator application form for any applicants from this moment onward. This is:

    Have you been an ACTIVE member of the CraftBlock Community for a minimum of 2 months?

    This question must be answered yes to be able to submit your application. We can check your initial join time with our servers, so please be honest in your answering of this question. Any players found falsely answering this question with 'yes' just to be able to submit their application will be permanently denied from becoming a moderator on CraftBlock.

    Thanks and enjoy as always :)

    - Asa
  3. misskoa
    Created by misskoa
    Jul 17, 2016
    Asa is doing most of the work and moving.

    He's moving our huge ass files, setting up the servers that we'll still have up and working whenever he has time , making sure everything works. Even though it's a large task and it's stressing.

    Thanks Asa, you're the best co-owner I could ever ask for. <3
  4. asacavanagh
    Created by asacavanagh
    Jul 15, 2016
    Hey Everyone,

    In light of @misskoa's announcement to move to a new server that's slightly smaller resource wise but hugely cheaper, I've made the first steps in the transfer with the forums and website now online on the new server!

    With this move as well, we'll be making the Exotros - CraftBlock merge permanent by closing the Exotros website and redirecting it to the CraftBlock one. This comes as we're trying to use this move to tie up a few loose ends such as this. What's the point in having two websites when they're essentially one server, right?

    Exotros, if any of its servers remain open after the move, will have its own sections created on the craftblock forums in the form of either "Factions" or "Crusades" and "Prison"

    There are a range of other subdomains that also are available under craftblock.co/me that will remain open after this move, these include:

    - http://paste.craftblock.co (kind of like pastebin.com, but developed by @misskoa)
    - http://bans.cratblock.co
    - http://updates.craftblock.co (I believe this is still in development, but will essentially be like a twitter style feed where staff can post minor changes that don't require a huge post in the news section).

    In the following days, or hours depending how long things take, the following will happen and hopefully in the order I list them (red indicates down time for a server, green indicates uptime will not be affected, lines that are...
  5. Bloebls
    Created by Bloebls
    Jul 10, 2016
    Hey people,

    A while ago we closed the staff application forum due to the fact that our staff team was full. Recently however, spots have become available again, meaning we have re-opened that forum for everyone.

    If you feel like you want to do more for our community or want to handle difficult situations more effectively, you're welcome to apply here:

    See you in-game!
    (or in the staff skype^^)