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  1. EbeeGirl
    Created by EbeeGirl
    Dec 7, 2016 at 9:31 PM
  2. EbeeGirl
    Created by EbeeGirl
    Dec 7, 2016 at 9:31 PM
    Introducing Stables

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people and... uh... people... Let me introduce you to one of the newest additions to Craftblock, Stables. Stables is a new and hopefully better system for protecting those horses, donkeys, mules, llamas and similar pets/rides you enjoy having at your side. With the addition of Stables, a better system for protecting your horse is finally here and you can even create stables for them.

    What Is It?

    As I have stated above, Stables allows you to protect your animals (not cows, pigs, and such) and create stables to keep them in. A few things it also does are...
    • Your horses are now protected from outside damages like including PVP, environmental like falling and lava and monsters.
    • It adds recipes for horse armor, nametags and saddles so that you no longer have to spend hours looking for any of those (or getting lost in /shop).
    • By using a nametag on a horse, you can take Ownership of it. You can also allow your friends to ride on your horse with a simple command.
    • Teleport (to), locate or summon your claimed horses.
    • The ability to spawn zombie and skeleton horses from eggs. (Not sure if MobHunter works with this or not, but creative users can get spawn eggs for these two types of horses now)
    How Does It Work?

    To claim a horse as your own, you first have to tame it...​
  3. NintendoFrosty
    Created by NintendoFrosty
    Dec 7, 2016 at 9:40 AM
    The Christmas Competition!

    This competition's theme makes a return once again! A time to get gifts, spend time with family, receive and give gifts and.... did I mention get gifts?

    This competition will be a special one. We will give everyone the month of December in order to complete their builds, so we encourage everyone to jump in and make something great!

    The theme "Christmas" is generalized for the competition, but it could mean anything, including things like the winter season, as well as any Holidays that you may celebrate.

    Ideas & Inspiration.

    Get Started

    • Get Started: Start by logging into CraftBlock and doing /wbc in chat.You'll be transferred to the Build Competition server. Afterwards, enter /spawn.
    • Find a plot you can build on.
    • We...
  4. Xomee
    Created by Xomee
    Dec 5, 2016 at 11:25 PM

    Hi Crafters!

    We're adding some new requirements to our Moderator and DesignerForge applications.

    Having Teamspeak, a voice communication tool will now be required to use, as well as with having a Mic.

    For future applicants, a mic will be required. Current team members are required to join but Mics will not be required.

    We're adding this requirement to bridge the gap between our staff communication as well improving staff to player interactivity. Maybe this can solve a lot of issues, from staff-to-staff communication, improved decision making, and more support for our players. We'll see!

    Now, to make this really into something special, we would absolutely LOVE if players can come join in and chill with us on Teamspeak.

    The IP is ts.craftblock.me / Learn How to Use Teamspeak


    • What about Discord?
      I love Discord, very much for being a free app (TS is free but the mobile app isn't) and for it's simplicity and it being web based. However the staff voted on TS so we'll be using that.

      I'll be keeping up with Discord and see if we can connect the two, somehow. It's not gone, it'll be just a secondary communication tool. - misskoa
  5. Chiplover2
    Created by Chiplover2
    Dec 4, 2016 at 2:08 PM
    CraftBlock Weekly
    ISSUE #38

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the crispy return of the CraftBlock Weekly! As underhandedly mentioned by @misskoa in this post, the Weekly will be continued by yours truly. ;) This one will be a little shorter than my previous grandiose attempts at making something too big for everyone to read, which will hopefully benefit both parties involved.

    Without further adieu, I present to you the CraftBlock Weekly (again)! I hope you enjoy! :chip

    Let’s kick off the Weekly with something new! The Weekly Digest will be an insert in the Weekly by the Admin team. It’ll include a short-and-sweet changelog that’ll keep you updated on what’s going on behind the scenes.

    They may not be large changes all the time, but our Admin team knows better than anyone that it’s the little details that count! Be a vigilant member of our community and keep your eyes out for these changes.

    Here’s this week’s updates, provided by @GhostofHerobrine (and lovingly paraphrased by yours truly):
    • Duels have been successfully installed! I personally don't know much about the plugin myself, but after looking at its...